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Brigid Marlin TECHNIQUES IN PAINTING : Learning from the Dutch Masters Bloomsbury, 2022. 1. PB, 279 x 242 mm, 176 p , ENG, fabulous illustrations in colour / b/w, . ISBN: 9781789940589 The art of Brigid Marlin describes a visionary world of almost unlimited dimensions and self-sufficiency ? when I first saw The Rod I was so impressed by its imaginative sweep that I sent an enthusiastic letter of appreciation to her, the only fan letter I have ever sent to a painter. The sense of a clearly realised poetic universe, in which every detail, however modest, was accorded equal attention, was what most gripped my imagination. Surrealism, which had played a large part in forming my own view of the world, had seemed to falter with the death or old age of its greatest practitioners ? Max Ernst, Magritte, Dali and Delvaux ? and here in Brigid Marlin was a painter who might be the first of the next generation. I remember writing her with as much excitement as I felt when I came across the paintings of Francis Bacon in the 1950?s. The surrealist dream of remaking the world and revealing its true nature seemed to live on in the work of this woman painter ? in the best and most ambitious of her paintings we see clearly her dramatic and visionary remaking of the world, but this regeneration of life and space and spirit is present even in her smallest and most domestic images. In her work, as in the greatest of the surrealists, archaic myth and spiritual apocalypse meet and fuse. ? J. G. Ballard In the work of this artist allegorical forms reveal a world philosophy. Symbols are projected into dream landscapes of transparent clarity in which different aspects of surrealism are revealed ? from the convulsive forms of Dorothea Tanning, the fetishism of Dali, and the alchemical and magical sources of the Middle Ages, and then returning to close the circle of Freudian symbolism. This painter is not striving after the latest in art fashion, rather she has an iconography which searches for the hidden roots of modern consciousness, and confronts the material world with transcendence. Her thought world is realised with extraordinary perfection and penetration. Her paintings are both original and sophisticated in their dimensional world of which they are both the surface and the core, going beyond introversion and extroversion, and forcing us to guess at unknown possibilities. The absolute values of known painting fade away in the viewer, letting these paintings, undisturbed by convention, pursue their own visual and spiritual level. The compulsive picture language of Brigid Marlin hints at the visual signposts of a world whose deeper meaning slumbers in a kind of presensuality. One might say that here are beautifully depicted nightmares of the psyche, or that there are effortless presentations of the art of madness. The visual foreground is cleared away, the creation becomes transparent, and one enters a world which radiates rare psychological effects, testing the capacity of the spectator?s power to experience her art. Boeknummer: 61068 | Prijs: EUR 37.50 In winkelwagen

Coll. Transport. Handleiding voor goederentransport over kleine afstanden. Deventer, Kluwer, 1947. Gebonden, linnen, 315pp., 15.5x21cm., 373afb. in z/w., goede staat. Boeknummer: 43165 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

Gisbert L. Brunner The Watch Book : More Than Time TeNeues 2021, 2021. Hardcover, 224 pages/seiten, English / Deutsch, 320 x 250 mm, with illustrations in colour, dustjacket, . ISBN: 9783961712779 From stopwatches and alarms, to world clocks and calendar functions, to tourbillons that counter the effects of gravity, these so-called complications have been the crowning glory of fine watchmaking for centuries. The Watch Book - More than Time is an illustrated compendium of watchmaking that explores these most intricate elements of the horologist's craft through timing, astronomy, and striking. This volume is a unique and impressive addition to the book market and a lavish tribute to the mastery of horology. Text in English and German. Boeknummer: 57334 | Prijs: EUR 72.50 In winkelwagen

HANKARD, Maurice en VANOPBROECKE, Roland; LEVE DE RADIO! Brussel, Gemeentekrediet/ BRT/ RTBF/ Communaute Radiophonique des Programmes de Langue Francaise, 1980. Geillustreerde kartonomslag in kleur, 205 x 295mm., 184pp., leike en uitgebreide illustratie in kleur en z/w. Uitgegeven naar aanleiding van de gelijknamige tentoonstelling die liep van 21 november 1980 tot 4 januari 1981. Het boek is in goede staat. Boeknummer: 21019 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

J. Kesteloot. Elektriciteit en haar toepassingen voor de Architekt. S.l., bij de auteur, 1978. Gestencild, gelijmd, 373pp., 29.5x21cm., ills. in z/w., zeer goede staat. Boeknummer: 47739 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Leen Zevenbergen Sustainability @ the Speed of Passion! Global Professional Publishing 2012, 2012. Paperback, 176 pages, English, 210 x 140 mm, with illustrations in colour, . ISBN: 9781906403898 "In your hands you have the product of teamwork. Together with four colleagues of Qurius, two great editors and two designers I had the wonderful experience of writing and delivering this book in a period of 4 months. We started this all before Christmas 2011 and sent our copy to the printers by the end of March. We all knew what to write and it was if we had been waiting for this book to come along. All of us are very aware of what is going on in the world, in business and in our own company. And we are curious for the drivers behind it. That's why we continuously step into conversations with people that are leading change to a more sustainable world. We believe at Qurius that ICT is crucial in solving many of the challenges of our times be it in social, environmental and economical developments. We take responsibility and our message therefore is 'Create sustainable success!'. Passion is the engine to achieve what needs to be done." Boeknummer: 57310 | Prijs: EUR 12.00 In winkelwagen

Maerkens, Mia; Handleiding bij het zelfonderricht in het metaaldrijven, Leuven, Reekmans, 1933. Originele uitgeversomslag papieromslag geillustreerd, 24 x 15,5cm., 103pp., mooie z/w illustraties. Met 47 afbeeldingen en modellen. Boeknummer: 42250 | Prijs: EUR 30.00 In winkelwagen

Michael Hilliard ; Natalie Fobes ; Marcus Swanson ; illustrations by : Shawn Wolfe Inside Out : Microsoft--in Our Own Words Warner Books Inc, 2000. 1. Hardcover, 315 pages, ENG, 285 x 275 x 30 mm, dustjacket, book itself is in New condition, packed with anekdotes, interviews and illustrated in colour. ISBN: 9780446527392 Based on hundreds of candid interviews throughout Microsoft, including unprecedented access to past and present executives, Inside Out conveys the experiences, insights, and visions of the people who are Microsoft. Among the topics covered are the early days of technological achievement, the truth about the Microsoft-Apple relationship, what employees think about the DOJ accusations, Steve Ballmer's business insights, and the array of Microsoft research projects taking place around the globe (including what Microsoft's top R&D minds project for the future of the way we work and live). The book includes six new essays by Bill Gates and also features pieces by Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen. Not the typical corporate autobiography, Inside Out is a vivid, interactive experience. Interspersed throughout are historical sidebars, Microsoft and industry trivia, insights, quotes -- even hidden puzzles. Three hundred full-color, artistically interesting photos, both new and historical, will illustrate the stories and ideas. Often light and humorous, always eye-opening, Inside Out deals candidly with the controversy that frequently swirls around a company whose success is unrivaled in the history of business. Boeknummer: 60490 | Prijs: EUR 39.50 In winkelwagen

N/A. Hercules Collodion Cotton. Rotterdam, Hercules Powder Company,1930. Paperback , gebonden met lintje, 63pp., 15.5x23cm., ills. in z/w. Zeer goede staat. English text. . Bedrijfspublicatie betreffende de verwerking en toepassingen van cellulose en cotton Boeknummer: 48975 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

N/A; Chaudieres "Samson". Guide du monteur. Renseignements techniques, Huy, Les Fonderies "Samson", s.d. Brochure, couverture papier, 23 x 15cm., 48pp., illustrations en noir. Manuel de l'utilisateur/monteur. Boeknummer: 42320 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

NN Letterproef - Handboek van moderne drukletterseries NV Lettergieterij en Machinehandel voorheen N. Tetterode, 1964. 1. Paperback, 192 pagina's met vele illustraties ,tekeningen in rood.zwart en blauw., NL, 245 x 165 mm, in prima staat, . Boeknummer: 59252 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

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