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S. Achermann, D. Bütler, M. Wannaz, S. Sigrist, B. Varnholt, G. Folkers ABSTRACT: Ideas, Facts and Fictions N°6 Gestalten, 2012. Softcover, 15,5 x 23 cm, 168 pages, full color,English, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9783899554298 Whether one welcomes change or clings to established habits, one cannot ignore the fact that our planet is currently seething with developments. Now, the new edition of ABSTRACT focuses on what has remained the same throughout the history of humankind and why. Is it life itself that naturally produces these constants or is it the decision of individuals to perpetuate them? Input and answers can be found in contributions that seamlessly combines scientific rigor and entertainment, intellectual depth and overview, hard facts and the surreal. Boeknummer: 45417 | Prijs: EUR 18.00 In winkelwagen

S. Achermann, D. Bütler, M. Wannaz, S. Sigrist, B. Varnholt, G. Folkers ABSTRACT: Ideen, Fakten und Fiktionen N°6 Gestalten, 2012. Softcover, 15,5 x 23 cm, 168 Seiten, vollfarbig, German, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9783899554281 Ob man Veränderungen begrüßt oder um liebgewonnene Gewohnheiten bangt: Fest steht, es brodelt gerade heftig auf unserem Planeten. Jetzt widmet sich die neue Ausgabe von ABSTRACT einem Thema, nämlich was durch die Menschheitsgeschichte hinweg Bestand hat. Sie fragt, ob es das Leben an sich ist, das naturgemäß gleich bleibt? Oder ist es der Mensch, der bewahrt? Antworten und Anregungen liefern Beiträge von Experten aus verschiedenen Disziplinen, die wissenschaftliche Seriosität und Unterhaltung, inhaltlichen Tiefgang und Überblick, Wissenswertes und Skurriles zusammenführen. Boeknummer: 45416 | Prijs: EUR 18.00 In winkelwagen

Terence Dickinson The universe and beyond Ontario, Firefly Books, 1999. 3e. Softcover, 168 pp, 260 x 260, with numerous colorful illustrations, in great condition . ISBN: 9781552093610 Award-winning astronomy writer Terence Dickinson takes readers on a factual journey in space and time from the Earth's surface to the most remote boundaries of the universe - and beyond. This major revision of an astronomy classic features 50 new photographs and illustrations, including the latest images from the Hubble space telescope, the Galileo spacecraft and other NASA missions. Additional imagery of the universe is from recently completed giant telescopes situated at remote mountaintops in Hawaii and Chile. This edition also includes extensively updated information on Mars and Jupiter; a completely new section on comets; full coverage of the latest evidence for the existence of black holes; an expanded section on galaxies and the mysterious "dark matter"; a fully updated section on the size, age and destiny of the universe; and expanded data tables using information released in 1998 from the Hipparchos satellite, which achieved a tenfold increase in the accuracy of celestial distance determination. Boeknummer: 47298 | Prijs: EUR 8.00 In winkelwagen

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