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-- Diptych, New Window x Lex Pott Frame, 2014. Paperback, 308x230mm, 88p, throughout colour illustrations, English edition, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9789491727900 Diptych features new work from designer Lex Pott. Eight new wooden products - which came about through a collaboration between the designer and New Window - are beautifully illustrated in this book. Most products begin their life cycle as a sketch. The designer lends form to an idea and goes on to refine this crystallised concept. Material, finish and colour follow later. Very few designers approach their work in the way that Lex Pott does. He has a fondness for wood and metal and enjoys letting their properties guide his work. Instead of dictating the form of an object, he lets it emerge organically from the material he is using. Pott's approach of zooming-in on a material, thereby uncovering its essence, is very much in sync with the philosophy behind the initiative New Window - started by cultural initiator Woes van Haaften - and therefore Pott was the ideal first participant. New Window is an online platform and design label that gives an insight into the making process of art and design. New Window - that centres on Van Haaften's collaboration with various designers - explains where things come from, who made them, why and how. This makes it a very contemporary project: it documents a process. The focus is on neither the end product nor the designer. For New Window, Pott drew inspiration from Dutch pine. While experimenting with this softwood, he discovered that the annual growth rings are separated from one another by a softer material. By sandblasting the timber and removing this material, he exposed the unique patterns that lie hidden in every tree. Only then did Pott begin to consider functionality. What can you make out of pieces of wood featuring whimsical, lattice-like patterns? Pott created eight products, among others a room divider, a set of combs and a cabinet. The series of products were given the name Diptych. The entire process of the collaboration between New Window and Lex Pott, from the first moment of inspiration until the final outcome, is now beautifully captured in the book Diptych. This book will encourage designers who struggle with materials and satisfy the curiosity of every consumer who wants to know how products are made. Boeknummer: 45058 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

-- Kontrasten, 1947-1967, Schilderkunst in Belgie, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen van 18 februari tot 12 mei 1968 gebonden linnen 263pp. rfijkelijk geillustreerd Boeknummer: 41710 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

akoun Cote des Peintres. 2015, La Cote des Peintres repertorie tous les artistes, AKOUN. 2015. softcover, 13 x 21,5 cm - 1088 p. sur papier bible, presentant un format 15 Paysage (65 x 50 cm) est a interpreter avec une reflexion objective. ISBN: 9791094886007 La celebre Cote des Peintres fete ses 30 ans cette annee ! Nouvelle edition et nouveau graphisme, elle a su traverser toutes les crises et les evolutions technologiques pour poursuivre sa vie avec un tirage qui ne cesse d?augmenter regulierement ces dernieres annees. Le livre La Cote des Peintres, ne en 1985 sous la plume de Jacques-Armand Akoun, (marchand d?art qui possedait une galerie aux Puces de Saint-Ouen) est une transcription d?une base de donnees considerable que l?auteur redigeait sous forme de petites fiches recensant les prix constates, artiste par artiste, sur le marche de l?art, tant aux encheres qu?en galerie ou ventes privees. Au debut, ce systeme de cote etait un outil strictement personnel lui permettant de se faire une idee de la cote d?un artiste et de son evolution. Nous sommes a l?epoque glorieuse des livres de cotations tels que le MAYER, l?Adec, le Art Sales Index qui furent des references encyclopediques mais aucun d?eux n?a survecu sous forme de livre et aucun n?a jamais su creer un livre de poche. Le monde de l?edition a evolue avec l?arrivee d?internet, mais La Cote des Peintres a su garder une place privilegiee aupres des brocanteurs, artistes, galeristes et collectionneurs. Elle donne ainsi une idee et un indice sur la cote de l?artiste. Telle est la fonction de ce livre de poche reste inegale jusqu?a aujourd?hui. A ses debuts, La Cote des Peintres a pu voir le jour grace entre autres, au soutien des epoux Boussac, a La Gazette de l?Hotel Drouot, aux Editions de l?Amateur, qui firent confiance a l?auteur en l?encourageant a transcrire son systeme de valorisation sous forme de livre de poche. La premiere Cote des Peintres parut en 1985 aux Editions de l?Amateur et fut un succes immediat tire a plus de 40 000 exemplaires. Actuellement, la brocante demeure une tradition francaise ouverte a un large public et La Cote des Peintres a toujours su y trouver sa place. Ce livre est egalement un soutien aux artistes moins connus, pour lesquels le marche de la vente aux encheres est devenu inaccessible. C?est le seul ouvrage qui recense egalement les ventes de gre a gre sur preuve du prix de vente, permettant ainsi aux jeunes artistes de se faire referencer, car toute oeuvre possede son prix sur le marche. La Cote des Peintres repertorie tous les artistes, de toutes les epoques et de tous les pays. Boeknummer: 47352 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

Allan Chochinov, Eric Ludlum Designing Here/Now, Insight into the Contemporary Practice of Design via the Core77 Design Awards T, 2014. With black edged pages, Hardback, 267x222mm, 448p, English edition, Fine copy. Including an index. ISBN: 9780500517482 Design touches every aspect of our lives and has become one of the most exciting and fast-moving industries, enlivening businesses, stimulating economies and solving humanitys most pressing problems. Increasingly connected to the developments in technology, design has also become one of the most dynamic areas of exploration, with design schools and professions exploding across the globe. It is difficult to keep pace with the most relevant innovations, to detect the signal from the noise of product releases and marketing campaigns, but one arbiter of the profession has been presenting the design worlds best work since 1995: Core77, a platform that some consider one of the very first online magazines, sponsoring reviews, lectures and exhibitions, and working with many of the leading design agencies and design-led companies, such as Apple, Nike, Philips, DuPont, Braun and many others. For the past several years, it has hosted a unique set of design awards, juried by the worlds design experts, which has attracted a dazzling spectrum of international practices. From consumer products to speculative ventures, from transportation to visual communication, from design writing to food design, the entrants and winners of the Core77 Design Awards capture the spirit and preoccupations of the design industry, and the best work chosen by panels of jury members that include design luminaries from the U.S., Europe, India and China. Designing Here/Now is no ordinary survey of the current state of design: it offers a large- scale overview of how design can change our personal and professional lives in fresh and often unexpected ways. Boeknummer: 45059 | Prijs: EUR 45.50 In winkelwagen

ANTOON ERFTEMEIJER. Het Oor Van Vincent. Merkwaardige feiten uit de kunstgeschiedenis. Haarlem, Becht, 2012. Softcover met flappen, 520pp., 17x24cm., ills. in kleur. Nieuw. ISBN: 9789023013341 Boeken over kunst worden vrijwel altijd geschreven vanuit bewondering; Het oor van Vincent daarentegen heeft verwondering als uitgangspunt. Verwondering over merkwaardige, wonderlijke en soms choquerende feiten betreffende kunstenaars en kunstwerken. Kunsthistoricus en beeldend kunstenaar Antoon Erftemeijer (1954), auteur van De aap van Rembrandt, heeft in zijn nieuwste boek duizenden wetenswaardigheden bijeengebracht die hij aantrof in kunsthistorische vakliteratuur, archiefmateriaal, medische publicaties, op internet, enzovoort. Geordend op onderwerp en aangevuld met achtergrondinformatie, ontstond er zo onder zijn handen een naslagwerk in 26 thematische hoofdstukken, van Wonderkinderen en Academierituelen tot Criminaliteit, Ziekte en Dood. Waar het in De aap van Rembrandt met name ging om veelal geestige, anekdotische overleveringen over kunstwerken en kunstenaars, betreft het in Het oor van Vincent opmerkelijke, curieuze feiten die de moeite waard zijn om geboekstaafd te worden. Boeknummer: 39476 | Prijs: EUR 32.95 In winkelwagen

Auteur(s): Ton Bevers, Bernard Colenbrander, Johan Heilbron, Nico Wilterdink Nederlandse kunst in de wereld Literatuur, architectuur en beeldende kunst 1980-2013 vantilt uitgeverij, 2015. gebonden, 17 x 24 cm, geillustreerd in kleur, 496 pagina?s, nieuw !. ISBN: 9789460042126 Transnationaal cultureel verkeer is tot nu toe vooral bekeken als verspreidingsproces van centrum naar periferie. In Nederlandse kunst in de wereld staat de omgekeerde richting centraal: hoe vinden vanuit een relatief klein land als Nederland culturele producten hun weg naar andere landen en continenten? En hoe wordt in het buitenland over dit werk geoordeeld? Over ongeveer 2000 beeldend kunstenaars, 360 architecten en 100 schrijvers werd een schat aan informatie verzameld. De gevonden patronen van spreiding en waardering en van veranderingen daarin hebben de auteurs vastgelegd in tabellen en grafieken, in beschrijvingen en analyses van het culturele veld en in portretten van de carrieres van individuele schrijvers, architecten en beeldend kunstenaars. Ook wordt aandacht besteed aan onder andere de verhouding tussen de private en publieke sector in de verbreiding en waardering van Nederlandse kunst, de rol van het cultuurbeleid en de verwijzing naar typisch Nederlandse eigenschappen in de promotie en de receptie van Nederlandse kunst in de wereld. Boeknummer: 47132 | Prijs: EUR 34.50 In winkelwagen

Author: V. Boele Splendour and Glory, Art of the Russian Orthodox Church Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam, 2011. Paperback, 280x240mm, 336p, throughout bw and col. illustrations,English edition . ISBN: 978907865325713 From 19 March to 16 September Splendour and Glory will provide the first overview in the Netherlands of the time-honoured spiritual and artistic traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church. More than 300 religious artefacts - icons, fresco fragments, robes, paintings, historical books and gold and silver objects associated with Christian worship - form the tangible evidence of this rich and enduring sacred institution. Religion has played an essential role in Russian society, from the Church's earliest beginnings in 988, when Grand Prince Vladimir officially adopted Orthodox Christianity as his state religion, until the present. After this 'baptism', the Orthodox faith spread rapidly throughout the realm, adding an extra dimension to church history and art history. The exhibition walls will be richly filled with icons, large and small, centuries old and world famous. Icons are sometimes called windows on eternity, for they are believed to reveal a piece of heaven. Their beauty is without parallel. Attention will focus on the origins and development of Russian icon painting, with Kiev as its birthplace Boeknummer: 33161 | Prijs: EUR 31.50 In winkelwagen

AVERMAETE, ROGER. NOUVELLE HISTOIRE DE L' ART. Bruxelles, Jacques Antoine, 1986. Relie, toile, dos orne de titre dore, sous jacquette d' editeur illustre, 24x17cm., 431 pp. ISBN: 2871910030 Boeknummer: 1100 | Prijs: EUR 12.00 In winkelwagen

Axel Vervoordt. Michael Gardner, Axel Vervoordt bundelt zijn dierbaarste herinneringen, Verhalen en reflecties BE, Lannoo, 2018. Hardback, 312 pagina's, 200x160mm met afbeeldingen.
. ISBN: 9789401448598
Voor het eerst duikt Axel Vervoordt in zijn verleden en leert de lezer zo zijn passie voor antieke objecten en kunst begrijpen. Het is een eindeloze wereldwijde zoektocht vol verrassende anekdotes. Doorspekt met een filosofie en een treffende boodschap, vertellen zijn verhalen over de periodes in zijn leven die hem gemaakt hebben tot wie hij is. Met humor en levenswijsheid vertelt hij over de mensen die hem beinvloed hebben, zijn talrijke ontmoetingen met artiesten, collega's, klanten en mentors. Boeknummer: 51050 | Prijs: EUR 24.90 In winkelwagen

Beets, en anderen (comite) Catalogus van Oude Kunst, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 1929, vereeniging van handelaren in oude kunst in Nederland. Amsterdam, Koersen, 1929. Oorspronkelijk uitgevers omslag, 244 pagina's + 125 pagina's met advertenties, ill. z/w. Catalogue Exhibition of Ancient Art Belonging to the International Trade. Exposition D'Art Ancien Appartenant Au Commerce International. Boeknummer: 50896 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Berger, John; Daumier Art and Life in Nineteenth-century Paris. Visions of Paris. Royal Academy, 2013. Hardback, 280x240mm, 192pages. English edition . ISBN: 9781907533327 Honore Daumier (18081879) is perhaps best known for his political and social caricatures, precise and witty observations of life in nineteenth-century France. This authoritative new study provides a long-overdue assessment of his entire oeuvre, bringing together his paintings, sculptures, watercolours, drawings and lithographs, all of which were greatly admired in his lifetime. Later feted by Van Gogh and Picasso, Daumiers art continues to be appreciated by such contemporary artists as Paula Rego and Peter Doig. Lavishly illustrated with works from throughout Daumiers career, including the satirical lithographs that made his name, the book focuses on the innovative paintings and drawings that formed his more private output. These lesser-known works reveal the artists ambitious range of subject-matter, from Cervantess Don Quixote to the complete spectrum of Parisian street society, and confirm Daumiers unique place in nineteenth-century French art. Boeknummer: 43482 | Prijs: EUR 59.95 In winkelwagen

Bernard Hennebert. Les musees aiment-ils le public? Carnets de route d'un visiteur. Charleroi, Couleurs livres, 2011. Broche, couverture souple, 174pp., 15x22cm., comme neuf. ISBN: 9782870035542 Pour son quatrieme livre, l'auteur s'interesse a nouveau aux droits des usagers et la ou ils sont quasi inexistants: dans le monde museal. Boeknummer: 36864 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

Bertuleit, Sigrid. ea. Meisterwerke der Portraitkunst. 10 Jahre Museum Georg Schafer. Katalog zur Ausstellung, Schweinfurt, 2010 Schweinfurt, Sandstein, 2010. Hardcover, pict. boards, 256 pp., 25x32cm., illustr. throughout in col., new. German text. ISBN: 9783942422031 Begleitend zur grossen gleichnamigen Jubilaumsausstellung (9. Mai bis 31. Oktober 2010) erscheint der Katalog "Meisterwerke der Portraitkunst". Er beleuchtet unterschiedliche Facetten des Bildnisses im 19. Jahrhundert: Staatsportrait, reprasentatives Gesellschaftsbildnis und Studie, Gruppenportrait, Selbstbildnis, Atelierbild, Familiendarstellung, Typenbild und Karikatur. Neben bedeutenden Personlichkeiten aus den Bereichen Wissenschaft, Politik und Kultur, wie Kaiser Wilhelm II., Bismarck, Wagner oder Schopenhauer treten auch in Vergessenheit geratene Charaktere ihrer Zeit hervor. Jedes Gesicht verbindet sich mit einer Geschichte, berichtet uber Freundschaften und Feindschaften, gesellschaftlichen Aufstieg, Erfolge und Niederlagen. Zu den vertretenen Kunstlern zahlen unter anderem: Lovis Corinth, Julius Exter, Anton Graff, Olaf Gulbransson, Max Hess, Leo von Konig, Wilhelm Leibl, Franz Lenbach, Gabriel von Max, Adolph Menzel, Max Liebermann, Otto Scholderer, Moritz von Schwind, Franz Skarbina, Max Slevogt, Carl Spitzweg, Hans Thoma, Karl Wilhelm Wach. Boeknummer: 31996 | Prijs: EUR 24.00 In winkelwagen

Boissonnas Lucien, Hofstetter Boddo, Pappe Bernd, Boeck Hans, Lieber Vincent, Louzier-Gentaz Valerie 100 ans de miniatures suisses: 1780-1880. Ouvrage de reference. Slatkine, Geneve, 1999. softcover, cartonnage illustre de l'editeur, 28 x 22cm. 161 pages, 200 Nombreuses illustrations en couleurs et n/b. Index de 300 noms. . . ISBN: 2051017743 Cataloge de l'exposition tenue au Musee historique de Lausanne du 17 septembre 1999 au 21 fevrier 2000 Boeknummer: 51632 | Prijs: EUR 27.00 In winkelwagen

C. Stroo, H. Mund, N. Goetghebeur The Mayer Van den Bergh Museum, Antwerp. Brepols Publishers, 2003. hardback, 469 p., 220 x 280 mm English. FINE ISBN: 9782870330111 Antwerps Museum Mayer van der Bergh houses a particularly valuable collection of Flemish Primitives, including paintings of exceptional quality by Juan de Flandes, Vrancke van der Stockt, the Master of the Saint Ursula Legend, works from the environments of Hans Memling, Rogier van der Weyden and the Master of Hoogstraten, as well as an exceptional pre-Eyckian tower retable and two panels from the Antwerp-Baltimore quadriptych. All twenty-one paintings have recently been subjected to scientific examination. The research results are presented in a clear and revised structure of the Corpus series. With its modern layout and over 300 illustrations, the publication offers attractive and exciting reading to every researcher and amateur of 15th-century painting from the Southern Netherlands and the Principality of Liege. "Diese Veranderungen sind uneingeschrankt zu begrussen. Sie machen das Buch nicht nur attraktiver ? und damit insbesondere fur des interessierten Laien reizvoller -, sondern auch fur den Spezialisten viel besser benutzbar" (Kemperdick, Stefan, in : Sehepunkte 04, 2004) "Insgesamt (aber) ist die hier vorgenommene Umgestaltung sehr zy begrussen. Sie hat die Benutzbarkeit der Bande und die Uberzeugungkraft der Argumentationen eindeutig erhoht." (Kemperdick, Stefan, in : Sehepunkte 04, 2004) Boeknummer: 31377 | Prijs: EUR 99.00 In winkelwagen

C. Stroo, H. Mund, N. Goetghebeur; The Mayer Van den Bergh Museum, Antwerp, Turnhout, Brepols, 2003. Hardback, 469 p., 220 x 280 mm. ISBN: 9782870330111 Antwerp's Museum Mayer van der Bergh houses a particularly valuable collection of 'Flemish Primitives', including paintings of exceptional quality by Juan de Flandes, Vrancke van der Stockt, the Master of the Saint Ursula Legend, works from the environments of Hans Memling, Rogier van der Weyden and the Master of Hoogstraten, as well as an exceptional pre-Eyckian tower retable and two panels from the Antwerp-Baltimore quadriptych. All twenty-one paintings have recently been subjected to scientific examination. The research results are presented in a clear and revised structure of the Corpus series. With its modern layout and over 300 illustrations, the publication offers attractive and exciting reading to every researcher and amateur of 15th-century painting from the Southern Netherlands and the Principality of Liege. Languages: English. Boeknummer: 37189 | Prijs: EUR 99.00 In winkelwagen

CATALOGUE. TRESORS DE LA PEINTURE ESPAGNOLE. EGLISES ET MUSEES DE FRANCE. Paris, Ministere d'Etat Affaires Culturelles, 1963. Broche, couverture d' editeur illustre en couleur, 21x16cm, 326 pp., toutes illustrations en n/b. Exposition organisee par la Reunion des Musees Nationaux avec le concours de l'Union centrale des Arts Decoratifs. Paris, Palais du Louvre, Janvier - Avril 1963. Boeknummer: 1104 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

Caviness, Madeline Harrison Sumptuous Arts at the Royal Abbeys in Reims and Braine: Ornatus Elegantiae, Varietate Stupendes Princeton, 1990. Hardcover with dusjacket, Illustrated.401 pages colour plates and other illustrations in black and white. Looks almost as new. ISBN: 9780691040585 Boeknummer: 48391 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

CIRLOT, Juan Eduardo. DICCIONARIO UNIVERSAL DE PINTORES. TOMO I. TOMO II. TOMO III. Barcelona, Gustavo Gili, 1970. Bound, hardcover, Tomo I: 324 pp., Tomo II: 304 pp. y Tomo III : 306 pp., 18x25 cm., numerosas ilustraciones en todos los tomos en blanco y negro y color. 3 Tomos (Traduccion y adaptacion). Diccionario universal del arte y de los artistas. Boeknummer: 24838 | Prijs: EUR 40.00 In winkelwagen

Coll. Heilige Plaatsen. Pelgrimages in jodendom, christendom en islam [BE] BAI - MAS Books. Hardback, 285x210mm, 192p, throughout colour illustrations, Dutch (NL) edition . ISBN: 9789085866718 Expo: 19/9/2014 - 18/1/2015, Museum Mas, Antwerpen Deze rijk geillustreerde catalogus bij de tentoonstellling 'Heilige Plaatsen' vertelt over het belang van heiligdommen in het jodendom, het christendom en de islam en hoe die al eeuwen een magnetische aantrekkingskracht uitoefenen. Het MAS biedt een venster op de levende traditie van de pelgrimage. Joden, christenen en moslims voelen zich sterk verbonden met hun heilige plaatsen. Pelgrims leggen een lange reis af om er goddelijke krachten te ervaren. De tentoonstelling volgt hun reis van het vertrek en het bezoek aan het heiligdom tot aan hun thuiskomst. Waarom trekken bepaalde plekken mensen zo aan? Wat maakt plaatsen als Jeruzalem, Rome of Mekka zo bijzonder? Waarom bezoekt men het graf van heiligen? Reis met de pelgrims mee door de tentoonstelling en beleef hun gevoelens van hoop, extase en loutering. De essays van Walter Van Herck, Edward van Voolen, Guus van den Hout, Mirjam Shatanawi en Luitgard Mols worden verrijkt met literaire bijdragen van Chaim Be'er, Rosita Steenbeek en Rachida Lamrabeet. Boeknummer: 47337 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

CORDELLIER, Dominique Primatice Maitre De Fontainebleau Réunion Des Musées Nationaux,, 2004. Softcover, 526 PAGES ILL. 290 X210 mm. BON ETAT . ISBN: 9782711847723 | PRIMATICCIO, FRANCESCO - Esposizioni - Parigi - 2004-2005 Altri autori: Primaticcio, Francesco ISBN : 2711847721 2. Primatice, maitre de Fontainebleau. Catalogue de l'Exposition: Descrizione libro: Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Paris, 2004. br.cop.fig.a col. Paris, Musée du Louvre, 22/9/2004-3/1/2005 Boeknummer: 52509 | Prijs: EUR 120.00 In winkelwagen

Daniele de Temmerman, Andre Jacqmain, Pierre Alechinsky e.a URVATER , Histoire d'une Collection. BE -, stichting kunstboek, 2013. Hardback, 225x225mm, 224p, 175 bw and col. illustrations, French (FR) edition ISBN: 9789058564511 Les Urvater aimaient les artistes. Man Ray, Max Ernst, Lam, Matta furent de leurs proches amis. L'art fut leur passion. Ils constituerent une collection majeure au cours des annees 50 et 60, principalement reputee pour ses oeuvres surrealistes mais aussi abstraites. Pour abriter leurs tresors, l'architecte Jacqmain construisit pour eux, pres de Bruxelles, une maison-musee qui, apres bien des aleas, est sur le point de renaitre. Nourri d'anecdotes, cet ouvrage porte temoignage sur une epoque et l'aventure personnelle d'un couple hors du commun, dont le prestige fut international. Les oeuvres la collection Urvater, aujourd'hui dispersee, se trouvent dans les plus grands musees du monde : Metropolitan Museum (New York), Hirshorn Museum (Washington), Museo nacional Reina Sofia (Madrid), Tate Gallery (Londres), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Musee d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Musee d'Israel (Jerusalem), Musee Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Kunstsammlung Nordhein-Westfalen (Dusseldorf), Ludwig Museum im Deutschlerenhaus (Coblence), Sprengel Museum (Hanovre), Stadische Galerie in Lenbachhaus (Munich), Kunsthaus (Zurich). Berti and Gigi Urvater were passionate about art and artists. Man Ray, Max Ernst, Wilfredo Lam and Roberto Matta were part of their circle of intimate friends. In the years 1950 and '60 they acquired an impressive collection, most well known for its surrealist and abstract works. To harbor their expanding collection in a fitting way, architect Andre Jacqmain designed an exceptional museum-house near Brussels. This house, a masterpiece of architecture in itself, and its collection - after many years of misfortune - are finally restored to their original glory in this book. Plenty of anecdotes and images make up for a book that testifies of a special era and of the adventures of an extraordinary couple. The paintings and sculptures from the Urvater Collection are to be found in museums and art institutes around the world: Metropolitan Museum (New York), Hirshorn Museum (Washington), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), Tate Gallery (London), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Musee d'Israel (Jerusalem), Musee Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (Dusseldorf), Ludwig Museum im Deutschlerenhaus (Koblenz), Sprengel Museum (Hannover), Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus (Munich), Kunsthaus (Zurich),... Boeknummer: 43410 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

Daniele de Temmerman, Andre Jacqmain, Pierre Alechinsky e.a URVATER. Het verhaal van een kunstverzameling BE -, stichting kunstboek, 2013. Hardback, 225x225mm, 224p, 175 bw and col. illustrations, Dutch (NL) edition

. ISBN: 9789058564771
Het Belgische echtpaar Urvater had een passie voor kunst en artiesten. Man Ray, Max Ernst, Wilfredo Lam en Roberto Matt behoorden tot hun persoonlijke vriendenkring. In de jaren 1950 en '60 bouwden Bertie en Gigi Urvater een indrukwekkende collectie uit, in de eerste plaats gerenommeerd voor haar surrealistische en abstracte werken. Om hun schatten gepast te huisvesten, ontwierp architect Andre Jacqmain nabij Brussel (St-Genesius-Rode) een bijzonder museum-huis, dat nu, na meer dan een poging en vele tegenslagen, in dit boek opnieuw in zijn oorspronkelijke glorie hersteld wordt. Vol pittige anecdotes, getuigt dit boek niet alleen van de bijzondere geschiedenis van Maison Urvater - architecturaal een meesterwerk op zich - maar ook van een wonderbaarlijk tijdperk en van het avontuur van een buitengewoon koppel. De werken uit de collectie Urvater zijn vandaag verspreid over 's werelds belangrijkste musea en kunsthistorische instituten: Metropolitan Museum (New York), Hirshorn Museum (Washington), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), Tate Gallery (Londen), Centre Georges Pompidou (Parijs), Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Musee d' Israel (Jerusalem), Musee Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (Dusseldorf), Ludwig Museum im Deutschlerenhaus (Koblenz), Sprengel Museum (Hannover), Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus (Munich), Kunsthaus (Zurich),... Boeknummer: 43406 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

Darmstadter Sezession. - Welsch, Sabine / Klaus Wolbert (Hrsg.) Die Darmstadter Sezession 1919 - 1997.Die Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts im Spiegel einer Kunstlervereinigung. Darmstadt, Institut Mathildenhohe 1997. Hardcover with dusjacket. 560 pp.., 4to. illustrations, , Kunstler-Kurzbiographien. - 30,5 x 24,5. Boeknummer: 43956 | Prijs: EUR 80.00 In winkelwagen

De Gobert Philippe De Gobert art rooms Bruxelles paleis voor schone kunsten, 1979. softcover, oblong only drawings and photographs of art places /rooms. Boeknummer: 48193 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Derez, S. Vanhauwaert, A. Verbrugge (eds.) Arenberg Portrait d'une famille, l'histoire d'une collection. Brepols, 2018. Hardcover with dusjacket, 400 pages ., 380 colour ill., 240 x 300 mm . Texte en Francais. ISBN: 9782503581170 La Maison d'Arenberg appartient a la haute noblesse, dont les domaines, les interets et les liens familiaux ont traditionnellement depasse les frontieres. Par leur role militaire de premier plan dans les conflits europeens, les Arenberg ont tire parti du pouvoir, des prouesses sur les champs de bataille et du prestige. Leur position princiere et ducale se refletait egalement dans l?excellence de leur collection d?art, car ils commanderent des ?uvres a des artistes contemporains tels que Rubens, Van Dyck et, plus tard, Watteau. Au XIXe siecle, la galerie nouvellement creee par le duc d?Arenberg dans son palais a Bruxelles etait reputee pour ses maitres flamands et hollandais, tels que Bruegel et Jordaens, Rembrandt et Vermeer. En tant que musee prive, elle etait explicitement recommandee dans les guides de voyage de l?epoque: ?« Vaut le voyage! ?». Cet ensemble exceptionnel temoigne egalement de la pratique de la collection et de la promotion des artistes, qui fait depuis longtemps partie integrante de la culture de la noblesse Boeknummer: 51910 | Prijs: EUR 95.00 In winkelwagen

Derez, S. Vanhauwaert, A. Verbrugge (eds.) Arenberg Portrait of a Family, Story of a Collection. Brepols, 2018. Hardcover with dusjacket, 384 pages ., 380 colour ill., 240 x 300 mm, Languages: English ISBN: 9782503581156 The Arenberg lineage belongs to the high nobility, whose estates, interests and familial connections have traditionally extended across borders. Through their prominent military role in European conflicts, the Arenbergs derived power, prowess and prestige. Their princely and ducal standing was equally reflected in the highly superior quality of their art collection, as they commissioned works from contemporaries such as Rubens, Van Dyck, and later Watteau. In the nineteenth century, the Duke of Arenberg?s newly established gallery in his palace in Brussels was renowned for its Flemish and Dutch masters, such as Brueghel and Jordaens, Rembrandt and Vermeer, and was explicitly recommended as a private museum in travel guides of the time: Vaut le voyage! This exceptional collection is also indicative of the practice of collecting art and promoting artists which has long been an integral part of the culture of nobility. Boeknummer: 51911 | Prijs: EUR 79.00 In winkelwagen

Drs Job Ubbens- Drs Cathinka Huizing. Le Mayeur de Merpres - Schilder, reiziger, Adrien Jean le Mayeur de Merpres 1880-1958. 1995. Hardbound, 208 pagina's. 302 afbeeldingen. 226 in kleur en 76 in zwart/wit. Formaat 300 x 300 mm Tekst Nederlands / Engels, new condition. . ISBN: 9789073187221 Deze colorist 'pur-sang'maakte niet alleen doeken die opvallen door hun vrolijkheid, maar ook behoort hij tot de mensen van wie gezegd wordt dat hij niet anders kon dan schilderen en zijn leven aan zijn kunst wijden. In dit boek wordt naast de Balische periode ook aandacht besteed aan de periode daarvoor: zijn jeugd in Belgie, de Eerste Wereldoorlog en de jaren dat hij, 'beau peintre voyageur' op reis was op zoek naar inspiratie in exotische oorden. Hoewel de werken uit zijn voor-Balische periode internationale allure hebben, worden zij nog niet zo gewaardeerd als de bekendere werken die hij op Bali maakte. Boeknummer: 27411 | Prijs: EUR 149.99 In winkelwagen

DUPONT, Christine, A. MODELES ITALIENS ET TRADITIONS NATIONALES. LES ARTISTES BELGES EN ITALIE ( 1830 - 1914 ). DEUX VOLUMES. I ET II (ILLUSTRATIONS). Bruxelles/Turnhout, Institut Historique Belge de Rome/Belgische Historisch Instituut te Rome/Brepols Publishers, 2005. Broche, sous jacquette originale d'editeur, 24x16 cm., resp. 682 pp. + LXXVII pp., illustrations en n/b. ISBN: 9074461549 Boeknummer: 27839 | Prijs: EUR 59.90 In winkelwagen

E. Cropper, L. Pericolo (eds.); Felsina Pittrice: Volume I: Early Bolognese Painting, Turnhout, Brepols, 2012. Hardback, XXVI+536 p., 7 b/w ill. + 150 colour ill., 220 x 280 mm. Language : English, Italian. ISBN: 9781905375844 This richly illustrated volume provides a translation and critical edition of the opening part of the Felsina pittrice, which focuses on the art of late medieval Bologna. The text is unusual in the context of the Felsina pittrice as a whole in that it seeks to record what survives in the city, rather than focusing on individual artists. In response to Vasari?s account of the Renaissance of painting in Florence, Malvasia offers a colorful and valuable portrait of Trecento painting in Bologna, noting the location and condition of destroyed or whitewashed frescoes, dismantled polyptychs, and paintings for which no other record survives. Malvasia provides crucial information on works by important fourteenth-century painters such as Lippo di Dalmasio, Simone dei Crocefissi, and Vitale da Bologna. Included in the volume are historical notes to the text and to the transcriptions of the Scritti originali, published here in their entirety for the first time. The notes enrich our understanding of individual works and identify the sources Malvasia used. Elizabeth Cropper?s introductory essay serves to establish the significance of Malvasia as a historian of art, while Carlo Alberto Girotto?s bibliographical essay analyses the production and reception of the Felsina pittrice as a whole. Boeknummer: 38337 | Prijs: EUR 165.00 In winkelwagen

Fagan, Louis Collector' Marks London: Field and Tuer, 1883. Vellum with gilt title. 200mm x 150mm, 100 + viii pag, fine condition! First edition with engraved portrait and plates of 668 marks.. Boeknummer: 47993 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

Faure, Elie. Histoire de l'art. Paris, G. Cres, 1921-22. Relie, plats marbrees, dos a 4 nerfs, tranches dorees en tete, 4 vols., 265+401+360+471pp., 23.5x16cm., ills. n/b., belle ensemble! 4 volumes: l'art antique - l'art medieval - l'art renaissant - l'art moderne. Boeknummer: 42269 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

Flippo, Willem G. Lexicon of the Belgian romantic painters. Antwerpen, International Art Press, 1981., 1981. Bound, giltstamped leatherlook with dustjacket, unpaginated, 25,5x18x4,5 cm, ?±350 pp. including 300pp., numerous illustrations in black and white and in colour. In the original sendingpackage. Signatures & paintings, partly in color. Contains a biographical lexicon, illustrations of signatures & reproductions of paintings of 19th century Belgian painters, including those of the Romantic school (between 1820-1865). Boeknummer: 24449 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

FOCILLON, HENRI. ART D' OCCIDENT. Paris, Librairie Armand Colin, 1938. Broche, couverture d' editeur , 19x24cm., 361pp., 86 figures dans le texte et 63 planches hors texte. Le Moyen Age Roman et Gothique. 86 figures dans le texte et 63 planches hors texte Boeknummer: 181 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Gemma Blackshaw; With a foreword by Edmund de Waal and contributions by Tag Gronberg, Julie Johnson, Doris Lehmann, Elana Shapira, Sabine Wieber, and Mary Costello Facing the Modern, The Portrait in Vienna 1900. Yale, 2013. Bound, hardcover, 216 p., 130 color illus. fine condition !! ISBN: 9781857095616 During the great flourishing of modern art in fin-de-siecle Vienna, artists of that city focused on images of individuals. Their portraits depict artists, patrons, families, friends, intellectual allies, and society celebrities from the upwardly mobile middle classes. Viewed as a whole, the images allow us to reconstruct the subjects? shifting identities as the Austro-Hungarian Empire underwent dramatic political changes, from the 1867 Ausgleich (Compromise) to the end of World War I. This is viewed as a time when the avant-garde overthrew the academy, yet Facing the Modern tells a more complex story of the time through thought-provoking texts by numerous leading art historians. Their writings examine paintings by innovative artists such as Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, and Egon Schiele alongside earlier works, blurring the conventionally-held distinctions between 19th-century and early-20th-century art, and revealing surprising continuities in the production and consumption of portraits. This compelling book features works not only by famous names but also by lesser-known female and Jewish artists, giving a more complete picture of the time Boeknummer: 43900 | Prijs: EUR 39.95 In winkelwagen

H. HASQUIN, F. STRAUVEN Aedes Academiarum , Les Academies et leur Palais be / lannoo /, Academie Royale de Belgique/Verhandelingen. Koninklijke Academie van Belgie. Bruxelles/Brussel., Palais des Academies/Paleis der Academien., 2010. gebonden, 160pp, 32x25x2 cm . ISBN: 9789020991949 Qu'en est-il donc de l'imposant palais qui se dresse a l'angle sud-est du Parc de Bruxelles, dans le champ visuel de la Place des palais ? Qu'est ce qui se cache derriere la facade classique ornee de pilastres ioniques qui s'etend entre le Palais Royal et la residence du Premier ministre ? Quoique situe au coeur du pouvoir executif, le batiment n'heberge pas de corps gouvernemental mais les academies belges, cinq compagnies d'eminents scientifiques, artistes et lettres, trois francophones et deux neerlandophones, qui representent la plus haute autorite academique du pays. Ce palais devint le siege de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts en 1876 mais a l'epoque l'illustre compagnie tout comme le batiment qui l'abrite avaient deja vecu une histoire mouvemente. Le palais, construit entre 1823 et 1828, n'avait pas ete concu comme Aedes Academiarum mais comme residence princiere. Ce devait etre la demeure d'un prince hollandais dont l'ambition, qui etait de devenir roi et de se fixer a Bruxelles, s'est concretisee materiellement sous forme d'edifice. Ce livre relate l'histoire des academies belges et de leur palais. Il devoile les intentions insolites qui furent a l'origine du batiment et retrace les stades successifs de sa genese. Il presente egalement les cinq academies qui l'habitent : l'Academie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts, la Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, l'Academie Royale de Medecine, la Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde, et l'Academie Royale de Langue et Litterature francaises. (Le pendant neerlandophone de cette derniere, la Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde, etant etabli a Gand.) Boeknummer: 26009 | Prijs: EUR 39.95 In winkelwagen

H. HASQUIN, F. STRAUVEN Aedes Academiarum, The Academies and their Palace be / lannoo /, Academie Royale de Belgique/Verhandelingen. Koninklijke Academie van Belgie. Bruxelles/Brussel., Palais des Academies/Paleis der Academien., 2010. bound, 160pp, 32x25x2 cm . ISBN: 9789020991956 What goes on in the palace that rises at the south-east corner of the Warande Park in Brussels, in sight of Palaces' Square? What is hiding behind the classical facade adorned with Ionic pilasters, which extends between the Royal Palace and the Prime Minister's official residence? Although situated at the heart of the executive institutions, the building does not house any governmental body but instead five Belgian academies, three French-speaking and two Dutch-speaking associations of eminent scientists, artists and authors who together represent the country?s highest academic authority. The palace became the seat of the Royal Academy of Science, Literature and Fine Arts in 1876, but at that time the famous institution and the building had already gone through an eventful history. The palace, erected between 1823 and 1829, had not been designed as an Aedes Academiarum but as a princely residence. It was built for a Dutch prince who was eager to establish himself as king in the Southern Netherlands and it was intended to concretize this ambition in tangible form. This book recounts the history of the Belgian academies and their palace. It discloses the unlikely intentions that underlay the origin of the building and traces the development of its design. It also presents the five academies housed in the palace: the Academie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux- Arts, the Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, the Academie Royale de Medecine, the Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde, and the Academie Royale de Langue et Litterature francaises. (The Dutchlanguage counterpart of the latter, the Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde, is based in Ghent.) Boeknummer: 26010 | Prijs: EUR 39.95 In winkelwagen

Horta Hotel de Ventes - Auctioneers. Year Book 2009 Bruxelles, 2009. Hardcover, 168pp., 21.5x30cm., ills. in col., fine cond. Overview of auctioned items, pricelist included. Boeknummer: 36590 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Ine Pisters;Monterroso Teixeira / Alegria, Jose Augusto Triomf van de Barok. Brussel, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, 1991. Softcover, 519pp., 30x23cm., rijkelijke geillustr. in kleur, goede staat (rug met leesvouw). ISBN: 9789069880501 Tentoonstellingscatalogus. Exhib. cat. Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, 1991 (Europalia Portugal). 519 pp. , sumpt. ill. in col. and b/w, large 4to, orig. wrappers. Boeknummer: 42094 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Jan Hein Sassen / Linning / Trumpie. Jeux d'anges heureux Les Deux Garçons Amsterdam, Jaski Art Gallery /. softcover. 76 pages 23,7 x 18 cm, English. ISBN: 9789072382009 expo catalogue. Kunstenaarsboek over het kunstenaarsduo Les deux garçons. Boeknummer: 52771 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

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