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Barber, Charles The English Language : A Historical introduction Cambridge University Press / Canto 2000, 2000. 1. Paperback, 299 pages, ENG, 215 x 140 mm, in fine order, . ISBN: 9780521785709 Boeknummer: 58669 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

BOON, Louis Paul; SUMMER IN TERMUREN, London, Dalkey Archive Press, 2006. Pictorial softcover, 150 x 230mm., 492pp. ISBN: 9781564784148 Spanning two world wars and anticipating a catastrophic future, Louis Paul Boon captures the history of the 20th century by exploring the twisted, corrupt lives of the inhabitants of one small town - a microcosm fot the changing world. Netherlandic Literature Series. Translation by Paul Vincent. Book is new. Boeknummer: 16277 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

BUYSSCHAERT JOOST. CRITERIA FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF ENGLISH ADVERBIALS. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1982. Paperback, original wrappers, 26x18cm, 176pp. ISBN: 9065693211 Verhandelingen van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten, van Belgie. Klasse der Letteren, Jaargang 44, Nr 99. Boeknummer: 2675 | Prijs: EUR 18.00 In winkelwagen

Cattle, P.C. Down the road, in Belgium a volley of verse, signed + dedication Antwerp : Lloyd anversois, 1964. Original binding, paper, limited edition of 400 copies numberd; HC signed. With had written dedication of the author Cattle. Boeknummer: 50212 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

Chambers. Chambers's readings in English Literature. London, W. and R. Chambers, 1879. Bound with gilt title on spine, 450pp., 19x12.5cm., good copy, some foxing. A collection of specimens from our best writers from the earliest times to 1860 with bigraphical notices and explanatory notes. Boeknummer: 43587 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Clarice Lispector , Sheila Heti An Apprenticeship or The Book of Pleasures. New York, United States, New Directions Publishing Corporation, 2021. 1. Hardcover, 149 pages, ENG, 210 x 145 mm, NEW, very interesting book, dustjacket. ISBN: 9780811230612 Lori, a primary school teacher, is isolated and nervous, comfortable with children but unable to connect to adults. When she meets Ulisses, a professor of philosophy, an opportunity opens: a chance to escape the shipwreck of introspection and embrace the love, including the sexual love, of a man. Her attempt, as Sheila Heti writes in her afterword, is not only "to love and to be loved," but also "to be worthy of life itself." Published in 1968, An Apprenticeship is Clarice Lispector's attempt to reinvent herself following the exhausting effort of her metaphysical masterpiece The Passion According to G. H. Here, in this unconventional love story, she explores the ways in which people try to bridge the gaps between them, and the result, unusual in her work, surprised many readers and became a bestseller. Boeknummer: 59707 | Prijs: EUR 18.00 In winkelwagen

CLARK, John R.; THE MODERN SATIRIC GROTESQUE AND ITS TRADITIONS, Kentucky, University Press, 1991. Bound, black cloth, illustrated dustjacket, 155 x 240mm., 212pp. English ISBN: 0813117445 Deadly laughter - Satiric Gothic, Satiric Grotesque - Degrading the hero - Debunking the author - Dislocating the language - Gaming with the plot - Further Intrusion and Obstruction - Discordant Endings - Infernal Repetition - Ennui - Scatology - Cannibals - Dystopias and Machines - Entropy and Armageddon - The Death of the Humanities. Book is in excellent condition. Boeknummer: 21022 | Prijs: EUR 40.00 In winkelwagen

Colen A. A SYNTACTIC AND SEMANTIC STUDY OF ENGLISH PREDICATIVE NOMINALS. Brussel, Paleis der Academien, 1984. Bound, in-4?į, 224pp. ISBN: 9065693424 Verhandelingen van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten, van Belgie. Klasse der Letteren, Jaargang 46, Nr 112. Boeknummer: 2676 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

COX, C. B. ( ed.)./ DYSON, A. E. (ed.). POEMS OF THIS CENTURY. Bath, The Pitman Press, 1975. Paperback, original wrappers, 14x21,5cm, 149pp. Boeknummer: 9114 | Prijs: EUR 6.00 In winkelwagen

DAVIS, John. WALKER'S CRITICAL PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY. London/Belfast,Simms & Mintyre, 1851. Bound, half-cloth, marbled plates, 14x22,5cm, 630pp. The English language: in which the meaning of every word is clearly explained, and the sound of every syllable distinctly shown; to which are prefixed, principles of english pronociation; rules to be observed. The whole intersprersed with observations, etymological, critical, and grammatical. Boeknummer: 5229 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

DICKENS, Charles, KERSTBOOM, Antwerpen, De Vries - Brouwers. Paperback. ISBN: 9789076347332 Charles Dickens leefde het grootste deel van zijn leven in Londen. Hij had al veel korte verhalen gepubliceerd toen hij beroemd werd met The Posthumus Papers of the Pickwick Club, dat eerst als feuilleton verscheen. Daarna volgden onder meer Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities en David Copperfield. Hij is beroemd geworden vanwege zijn zogenaamde Dickensiaanse karakters en om zijn zorgvuldige intriges en expressieve stijl. Het persoonlijke verhaal Een kerstboom verscheen oorspronkelijk in de Morning Chronicle in 1836. Nieuw. Boeknummer: 29993 | Prijs: EUR 10.50 In winkelwagen

Edward Norgate ; Jeffrey M. Muller ; Jim Murrell Miniatura or the Art of Limning Yale University Press 1997, 1997. Hardcover, 312 pages, English, 240 x 165 mm, cover has some traces of being used before, book however is in very fine condition, and not unimportant, with a signature and greeting from the author, !!. ISBN: 9780300069136 Edward Norgate, aristocratic friend of Charles I and the Earl of Arundel, made his mark in seventeenth-century England as musician, herald, and courtier. He also wrote Miniatura, a widely circulated study of miniature painting in his era that serves today as both a guide to materials and techniques and a record of the artistic knowledge and taste of Charles' court. This new edition of Norgate's treatise, the first since 1919, introduces and fully annotates the text from technical and art historical perspectives, firmly establishing the prime importance of Norgate's work. The book provides a detailed account of Norgate's life and many interests, his readership, and his technique. The editors-a noted scholar of seventeenth-century art and an authority on the techniques and materials of miniature painting-closely examine Norgate's text and compare it with other contemporary treatises, placing his techniques in the context of the period. The treatise itself, first written in 1627-28 and then substantially revised in 1648, sets forth in great detail the methods of English miniaturists, from the composition and preparation of pigments and brushes to lighting in the studio. Norgate acknowledges indebtedness to Hilliard, comments on other artists' styles and techniques, and reveals through his own views the English aristocracy's interest in and assimilation of European artistic culture. Boeknummer: 57440 | Prijs: EUR 45.00 In winkelwagen

ELIOT, George. SILAS MARNER. Paris, Henri Didier, 1939. Stapled, original editor's jacket, 18.3x13.5 cm., 74 pp., illustrated in b/w. Tales from England 3rd Degree No. 29. Boeknummer: 29723 | Prijs: EUR 5.00 In winkelwagen

Forster, E.M. A passage to India. De echo van de Marabar. Vianen, ECI, 1985. Softcover, 303pp., 12.5x20.5cm., goede staat. ISBN: 9070038781 Boeknummer: 29198 | Prijs: EUR 5.00 In winkelwagen

GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Dr. The Vicar of Wakefield. Boulogne / Paris, Letellier bookseller, 1818. Relie l'epoque, 8x14cm. 446 pages,. Leroy-Berger printer. Boeknummer: 56288 | Prijs: EUR 100.00 In winkelwagen

GOMBRICH, E.H. & WOODFIELD, Richard (edit.). THE ESSENTAIL GOMBRICH. SELECTED WRITINGS ON ART AND CULTURE. London, Phaidon, 1996. Paperback, original editor's jacket, 24.5x17.12 cm., 624 pp., illustrated in b/w. ISBN: 0714834874 This work introduces the reader to the whole range of Gombrich's thought. With his commitment to reason and tolerance, Gombrich is a true humanist, whose abiding concern is to understand and interpret our cultural heritage and its values. In this rich and illuminating collection, a wide range of fundamental issues are presented with force and clarity. Boeknummer: 34156 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

HAERINGEN, van, C.B. NETHERLANDIC LANGUAGE RESEARCH. Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1945. Original wrappers, 16x24,5cm, 108pp. Men and works in the study of Dutch. Table of contents, abbreviations, index. Boeknummer: 4412 | Prijs: EUR 7.00 In winkelwagen

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. TWO TALES FROM "A WONDER BOOK". Paris, Henri Didier, 1932. Stapled, original editor's jacket, 18.5x13.9 cm., 36 pp., illustrated in b/w. Tales from England 1st Degree No. 11. Boeknummer: 29728 | Prijs: EUR 7.00 In winkelwagen

Heriot, Guy, Changi Interlude: leaves from the diary of a third class internee. *** SIGNED Lewes, Sussex:, by W.E.Baxter, 1946. Original publishers cloth-covered boards, original binding of blue cloth, 120 pages, First and only edition. *** SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY HERIOT Boeknummer: 51862 | Prijs: EUR 125.00 In winkelwagen

JAMES, Henry; WASHINGTON SQUARE, London, Wordsworth, 2001. Pictorial cardboard cover in colour, 125 x 195mm., 154pp. ISBN: 9781840224276 In perfect condition. Boeknummer: 25473 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

Jeroen De Keyser, Noreen Humble, Keith Sidwell Henri Estienne : On Books LYSA Publishers, 2022. 1. Hardcover, 488 pages, English & Latin, NEW, 240 x 170 mm, rounded spine, sewn, dust jacket, reading ribbon. ISBN: 9789464447675 Henri II Estienne (1531-98) was the most outstanding member of his family?s long-lived publishing dynasty. He continued the work of his father, Robert, by publishing many unedited Greek texts and completing the Thesaurus linguae Graecae (1572), an expensive venture from which his business never fully recovered. His versatility? as publisher, scholar, corrector, lexicographer and poet ? can be seen in the paratextual material in his many editions, and in his own original works. This anthology presents a sample from Henri Estienne?s writings across his career and from different genres. These range from letters, to poetry, to essays, to his Encomium of the Frankfurt Fair. They reveal him as a remarkable scholar with an astonishing grasp of Latin and Greek literature, while highlighting also his problems both as a publisher and as a scholar. Estienne?s elaborate essays on the ancient Greek historians Xenophon and Herodotus use ancient examples to support contemporary arguments. His verses preserve a strong sense of the life of a scholar turned businessman, both at work and at play. In remarkably fluid Latin, Estienne reveals in these writings his aspiration to be worthy of his father?s legacy, his affection for family and friends, his humour, and his gripes with other scholars and publishers. Boeknummer: 59713 | Prijs: EUR 39.00 In winkelwagen

Jerry Brotton The Sale of the Late King's Goods : Charles I and his Art Collection Pan Macmillan, 2006. 1. Bound cover, 436 pages, ENG, 240 x 160 mm, in very good condition, with illustrations in colours. ISBN: 9781405041522 So wonderful and glorious a collection, that the like will never again be met with.' This is how one awed and wistful observer described King Charles' artworks. As an acquirer of paintings by Europe's great masters and patron of Rubens and Van Dyck, Charles's extravagance in amassing his collection only exacerbated the parliamentary disapproval that led to civil war and the King's own execution. After his death, one of the Commonwealth's first decrees was to sell off his treasures to raise money for the new regime. After the Restoration, one of Charles II's first resolutions was to get the collection back. Boeknummer: 59698 | Prijs: EUR 23.00 In winkelwagen

JONES, Mansell, P. EMILE VERHAEREN. A STUDY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIS ART AND IDEAS. Cardiff/London, The University of Wales Press Board/Humphrey Milford, 1926. 1st. Bound, original editor's jacket, 14x21.5 cm., 15x22.7 cm., pages vii-xx and 246 pp., photograph Emile Verhaeren in b/w. Boeknummer: 25434 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

JOYCE, James; GENS DE DUBLIN, Club Francais du Livre, 1952. Relie, toile decoree, pages de titre en noir et rouge, 135 x 210mm., 232pp., decore. Traduit de l'anglais par Eva Fernandez, Helene du Pasquier et Jacques Paul Reynaud. Preface par Valery Larbaud. Boeknummer: 16992 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Julian Barnes The Only story 2018. 1. Bound cover, 213 pages, ENG, 225 x 145 mm, the dustjacket has a little water damage, the book itself is in new condition. ISBN: 9781787330696 The brilliant new novel from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of THE SENSE OF AN ENDING. First love has lifelong consequences, but Paul doesn?t know anything about that at nineteen. At nineteen, he?s proud of the fact his relationship flies in the face of social convention. As he grows older, the demands placed on Paul by love become far greater than he could possibly have foreseen. Boeknummer: 59696 | Prijs: EUR 14.00 In winkelwagen

Lee, Sydney. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in forty volumes. Volume XXVI: King Henry VIII. New York, George D. Sproul, 1908. Bound, half cloth ( spine, coins), original frontispice by Cowper, F.C. b/w, 21,5x29,5cm, 155pp, Illustrateur Cowper, F.C. Numbered Edition. The University Press Shakespeare. Volume XXVI. nr. 117 from the 250 sets limited for sale in America and England, Volume XXVI. With annotations and a general introduction by Sidney Lee.With a special introduction by Edward Dowden and an original frontispice by Cowper, F.C. Boeknummer: 320 | Prijs: EUR 50.00 In winkelwagen

Lord Byron / Marchand, Leslie A. (ed.) Lord Byron. Selected lettres and journals. London, Pimlico, 1993. Softcover, 404pp., 13.5x21.5cm., good cond. ISBN: 9780712656795 Boeknummer: 32580 | Prijs: EUR 9.00 In winkelwagen

MARCHAND, Leslie A.; BYRON. A PORTRAIT, London, Pimlico, 1993. Pictorial carboard cover, 125 x 215mm., 518(XXXIV)pp. ISBN: 0712656596 Good condition. Boeknummer: 32550 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Mark Hussey. Virginia Woolf. A to Z. A comprehensive reference for students, teachers, and commn readers to her life, works and critical reception. New York, Facts on File, 1995. Bound, dustjacket, 452pp., 22x28.5cm., illustr. in b/w., fine condition. ISBN: 9780816030200 Boeknummer: 34659 | Prijs: EUR 24.00 In winkelwagen

MAUGHAM, W. Somerset. A WRITER'S NOTEBOOK, Heinemann, London,, 1949. Original publishers boards, No D/J. The book is in good used condition. This edition issued on first publication by The book society, in association with william Heinemann (oct 1949) reprint, 2e edition Boeknummer: 52194 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

MAUGHAM, W. Somerset. Christmas Holiday. 1939 London, William Heinemann., 1939. Original publishers boards, No DW. Blue cloth, gilt. No date [1939]. First Edition. Boeknummer: 52193 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

McNEILLY, MILDRED. EACH BRIGHT RIVER. **** SIGNED and inscribed by the author New York, William Morrow, 1950. Bound, original cloth, gilt title on spine, 14,5x21,5cm, 308pp. A novel of the oregon country. **** SIGNED and inscribed by the author Boeknummer: 8933 | Prijs: EUR 30.00 In winkelwagen

Mieder, Wolfgang The Netherlandish Proverbs : An International Symposium on the Pieter Brueg(H)els University of Vermont,, 2004. 1. Hardcover, 241 pages, ENG, 235 x 160 mm, in perfect condition, with dozens of illustrations in b/w, . ISBN: 0971022380 The sixteenth-century Dutch artist Pieter Brueghel the Elder [also known as: Pieter Bruegel] was born between 1525 and 1530, most likely in Breda or the surrounding area. Brueghel's work is considered to belong to the style period of the Northern Renaissance. Boeknummer: 59238 | Prijs: EUR 27.50 In winkelwagen

O. de Graef, V. Doyen, Erik Hertog, R. Janssens, Guido Latre, H. Schwall. Sense and Transcendence. Essays in Honour of Herman Servotte. Leuven, Universitaire Pers, 1995. Hardback, English, original editor's jacket, 16x24 cm., 326 pp. ISBN: 9789061866671 Symbolae Facultatis Litterarum Lovaniensis - Series A : 17. Boeknummer: 26276 | Prijs: EUR 43.50 In winkelwagen

Paul A. Olson The Canterbury Tales and the Good Society Princeton University Press, 1986, 1986. 1. Hardcover, 323 pages, ENG, 225 x 150 mm, book is in good condition, with illustrations in b/w. ISBN: 0691066930 Paul Olson argues that Chaucer's narratives emerge from his deep concern about the crises of late fourteenth-century England and his vision of the renewal of that troubled society through the ideal of parlement, the various orders of society speaking together, and through a perfective religious discipline. Boeknummer: 59304 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Paul West. The women of Whitechapel. New York, Random House, 1991. Hardcover with orig. dustjacket, 420pp., 24x16.5cm., good condition. ISBN: 1852422386 Boeknummer: 40886 | Prijs: EUR 10.00 In winkelwagen

Philip Hoare Albert and the Whale HarperCollins Publishers, 2021. 1. Bound cover, 305 pages, ENG, 225 x 145 mm, in very good condition, dustjacket, illustrations in b/w and a few pages in colour. ISBN: 9780008323295 A NEW STATESMAN BOOK OF THE YEAR AN OBSERVER BEST ART BOOK OF 2021 SHORTLISTED FOR THE RATHBONES FOLIO PRIZE 2022 Boeknummer: 59686 | Prijs: EUR 19.95 In winkelwagen

Salter, James All That Is Picador, 2013. 1. Bound cover , 290 pages, ENG, 240 x 160 mm, in good condition, dustjacket, . ISBN: 9781447238249 Boeknummer: 59703 | Prijs: EUR 14.00 In winkelwagen

SCOTT, Walter. SCENES FROM "IVANHOE". Paris, Henri Didier, 1937. Stapled, original editor's jacket, 17.9x13.7 cm., 64 pp., illustrated in b/w. Tales from England 3rd Degree No. 22. Boeknummer: 29724 | Prijs: EUR 5.00 In winkelwagen

SHAKESPEARE, William. Ronald Windross THE STORY OF MACBETH Paris, Henri Didier, 1932. Stapled, original editor's jacket, 18.4x13.6 cm., 22 pp., illustrated in b/w. Tales from England 2nd Degree No. 3. Boeknummer: 29727 | Prijs: EUR 6.00 In winkelwagen

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