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-- Magiasta Laaketieteeseen [From Magic to Medicine: Science and Belief in 16th to 18th Century Art] Finland, Sinebrychoffin Taidemuseo, 2004. Hardcover. 229 pages, Bluish boards. illustrated in bw and half-tone. 28x23cm. Text is in English and Finnish. Catalogue for an exhibition held at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum from March 11 to May 30, 2004 and organized by the Finnish National Gallery. Boeknummer: 57887 | Prijs: EUR 65.00 In winkelwagen

A. Balis; Hunting Scenes, volume II / PART XVIII Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard Turnhout, Brepols, 1986. Hardback, 406 pages , 145 b/w ill., 180 x 265 mm. volume II fine ISBN: 9780199210411 Dr. Balis explores examines in the greatest detail Ruben?s paintings and drawings of hunting scenes and thereby throws a fascinating light on the society in which the artist lived, bringing the hunting scenes together for the first time in a definitve catalogue raisonne. Rubens may be said to have revived the genre of hunting scenes, a theme whose popularity had declined since the Middle Ages. Moreover, he enriched the courtly allusions and contemporary preoccupations. Dr. Balis explores this updating of the genre by examining in the greatest detail Ruben?s paintings and drawings of hunting scenes and thereby throws a fascinating light on the society in which the artist lived. This volume brings the hunting scenes together for the first time in a definitve catalogue raisonne that documents both the precedents for and the originality of Rubens?s development of hunting iconography, and argues that the prolific production of Flemish animal painters in the 17th century owes its very existence to Rubens?s example and his creation of a sympathetic audience. Both text and catalogue discuss the ever-important questions of what part Rubens himself played in the execution of these sometimes huge canvases, since he seems to have relied in some degree on the assistance of his studio or of specialized animal painters. Languages: English. Boeknummer: 37233 | Prijs: EUR 159.00 In winkelwagen

A. D. Newman, L. Nijkamp (eds.) Many Antwerp Hands : Collaborations in Netherlandish Art Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2021. Hardcover, 242 pages, English, 280 x 220 mm, 80 colour ill., 2 b/w tables. ISBN: 9781912554737 A fresh look at the phenomenon of artistic collaboration in the early modern Low Countries Artists everywhere and across all time periods have collaborated with one another. Yet in the early modern Low Countries, collaboration was particularly widespread, resulting in a number of distinctive visual forms that have become strongly associated with artistic ? and especially painterly ? practice in this region. While art historians long glossed over this phenomenon, which appeared to discomfitingly counter nineteenth-century notions of authorship and artistic genius that have long shaped the field, the past few decades have seen increased attention to this rich and complicated subject. The essays in this book together constitute a current state of the question, while at once pointing the way forward. In broadening the art historical lens on this subject, they draw upon economic and social history, current interests in immigration and mobility, print studies, and technical analysis, embracing a range of literary and archival sources along the way. Interdisciplinary in their perspectives and methodologically diverse, these essays present both theoretical reflections on artistic collaboration and in-depth studies of particular artist-partnerships and collaboratively made objects. Abigail D. Newman is a part-time professor of Art History in the History Department at the University of Antwerp and Research Adviser at the Rubenianum. Lieneke Nijkamp is Curator of Research Collections at the Rubenianum. Boeknummer: 57152 | Prijs: EUR 90.00 In winkelwagen

A. Merle du Bourg The Henri IV Series Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard 14.2 / RUBENS. Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2017. Hardcover with dusjacket. 484 p., 121 b/w ill. + 23 colour ill., 180 x 265 mm, Languages: English. ISBN: 9781909400962 On 26 February 1622, in Paris, Rubens entered into a contractual agreement to execute two series of paintings, ?by his own hand?, intended to decorate the two parallel galleries of the Parisian palace ? the so-called Luxembourg Palace ? of Maria de? Medici, widow of Henri IV and mother of Louis XIII. Completed in 1625, the twenty-four monumental paintings of the western gallery exalting the life of the Queen Mother form a universally admired ensemble, on display at the Musee du Louvre for the last two centuries. However, the second part of this grand project, envisioned for the eastern gallery of the palace, was abandoned in 1630. The suspension and then premature termination of the project after the Queen Mother?s exile in July 1631 have deprived us of a work that would have been unique, both in its magnitude and in the artistic means Rubens deployed to glorify the royal couple. The Galerie Henri IV, planned as a commemoration of the king?s military victories and a celebration of his triumphs ?in the manner of the triumphs of the Romans? (as the contract has it), remains a puzzle whose missing pieces are more numerous than what is preserved. Still, some fifteen works ? preparatory oil-sketches on panel and large canvases, more or less completed ? have survived. It is above all through the study of these works that this volume aims to arrive at a better understanding of the context, the iconography, and the political significance of the Galerie Henri IV. Despite the frustration (for us, as for Rubens himself) of its abandonment, the unfinished project remains an extraordinary feat of Baroque encomium, and one of the artist?s greatest masterpieces. Boeknummer: 51039 | Prijs: EUR 189.00 In winkelwagen

A.W. Gerlagh Pronk met pen en penseel Cornelis Pronk (1691-1759) tekent Noord-Holland Uitgeverij de Bataafsche Leeuw, 1997. Hardcover, 296 pagina's, Nederlands, 277 x 225 mm, mooi boek , . ISBN: 9789067074469 Deze publikatie werpt nieuw licht op de topografische tekenaar Cornelis Pronk (1691-1759). Uitgangspunt is zowel de artistieke als documentaire betekenis van zijn werk tegen de achtergrond van zijn biografie, zijn opdrachtgevers en leerlingen en de betekenis van de topografische tekenkunst in de cultuur van de achttiende eeuw. Het tekenwerk in Noord-Holland (van 1725 to 1759) speelt hier de hoofdrol. Boeknummer: 54902 | Prijs: EUR 15.00 In winkelwagen

Albert Blankert, Ben Broos, Jurgen Wadum, Arthur K., Jr. Wheelock Johannes Vermeer Eng. version National Gallery of Art / Mauritshuis 1995, 1995. 1. Softcover, 229 pages, ENG, 310 x 245 mm, book is in good shape, with illustrations / images in colour and b/w. ISBN: 9780894682193 Johannes Vermeer (baptized in Delft, October 31, 1632 ? buried there, December 15, 1675) was a Dutch painter in the Golden Age. Vermeer had a preference for timeless, subdued moments. It remains enigmatic because of the inimitable color scheme and the astonishing light content. Vermeer's paintings, mostly genre scenes and a few history paintings, allegories and cityscapes, are distinguished by a subtle use of color and an ideal composition. He sometimes used expensive pigments and had a great preference for ultramarine and lead tin yellow Boeknummer: 58429 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Alen, van Mulders, Van Dorst, Nagelsmit, Van de velde, Watteeuw, Nico Van Hout. Power Flower bloemstillevens in de nederlanden BE, KMSKA-Rockox, 2016. Hardcover, 198 pages. met illustraties in kleur tekst in het Nederlands Door de groeiende interesse voor botanica en de ontluikende liefde voor de natuur gingen kunstenaars rond 1600 bloemen behandelen als een zelfstandig motief. In die tijd en nog lang daarna raakten schilders helemaal in de ban van de -Power Flower-. Jan Brueghel, Jan Davidz De Heem, Osias Beert, Daniel Seghers, Rachel Ruysch en vele anderen pronken op deze tentoonstelling met hun mooiste ruikers./// Due to the growing interest in botanics and the budding love for nature, artists started treating around 1600 flowers as an independent motif. At that time and long afterwards, painters became completely captivated by the -Power Flower-. Jan Brueghel, Jan Davidz De Heem, Osias Beert, Daniel Seghers, Rachel Ruysch and many others show off their most beautiful scents at this exhibition.; Hoefnagel, Hondius de oude , Matthieu de L'obel, Charles de l'Rcluse, Emmanueel sweert, Adriaen Collaert, De Bry, Crispijn de Passe de oude, A Wierix, R Savery, Van de Hoecke, Ambroius Bosschart, Osias Beert, Breughel, Van Der Ast, Jacob van Hulsdonck, Paulus Pontius, Hans Coenraadt, Philips de Marlier, Abram Dircksz, Galle, Johannes Fijt, Jan Davidsz de Heem, Dirck de Bray, Crel de Moor, Rachel Ruysch, Van Huijsum, Ziesel, Eliaerts, Bas Meeuws Boeknummer: 48819 | Prijs: EUR 30.00 In winkelwagen

Alexandra Bosc L'ÉTOFFE DES FLAMANDS : Mode et peinture au XVIIeme siècle Snoeck Publishers, 2022. 1. Paperback, 144 pages, Texte en Francais, 280 x 220 mm, Nouveau, avec 125 illustrations en couleur / n/b. ISBN: 9789461617996 Cette exposition sur le thème du costume et de sa représentationpar les écoles du Nord au XVIIe siècle prend comme point d'appui les collections de peinture des écoles du Nord (Flandres et Pays-Bas) de ces trois musées. L'exposition rassemblera plus d'une soixantaine d'oeuvres, principalement des tableaux, des gravures et des archives qui dialogueront avec des éléments de vêtements et pièces de tissus, anciens ou modernes, aidant le public à appréhender les différentes textures représentées ainsi qu'à comprendre l'agencement habits. La collaboration entre les trois institutions permettra également la venue de tableaux qui pourront être confrontés pour la première fois avec des oeuvres similaires de la collection mancelle. Boeknummer: 59510 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

Alice I. Davies ALLART VAN EVERDINGEN, THE DRAWINGS, A Complete Catalogue, Including the Studies for Reynard the Fox. Nunspeet, 2007, Aetas Aurea, Davaco. Bound in cloth with dust jacket,. 4to. 504 pages, containing an Introduction, the main text comprising of 12 chapters, an extensive bibliography and indexes; 756 illustrations, from which 10 are in colour.fine condition Aetas Aurea, Vol. XXI ISBN: 9070288974 Allart van Everdingen, born at Alkmaar in 1621, launched his career as a landscape and marine specialist at Haarlem in the 1640s, then moved to Amsterdam in 1652 where he was active as a painter, printmaker, draftsman and art dealer up to his death in 1675. He was renowned in his day for the Scandinavian subjects he depicted following his trip to Norway and Sweden in 1644.This catalogue of Everdingen's drawings presents 670 authentic water colors, ink drawings and oil sketches on paper in comprehensive, illustrated entries. The accompanying text explores many facets of his activity as a draftsman, including his use of paper, and also discusses later collectors of his sheets, their marks and inscriptions, and many imitations and copies of the master's drawing extant today. High points from Everdingen's production include his trip sketches (both from his travels to Scandinavia and from a trip he made to the Ardennes in 1656), his masterworks showing Dutch scenery, his allegorical series (Twelve Month, Four Seasons and Four Elements) and his studies and transfer drawings for both his Scandinavian landscape etchings and the prints he made to illustrate the fable Reynard the Fox.The volume is an important reference work for all those with a general interest in seventeenth-century Dutch landscape and old master drawings, or with a particular interest in allegorical landscape subjects, book illustration or the Reynard the Fox fable.The author, Alice I. Davies, published an Everdingen monograph and catalogue of the artist's paintings (in collaboration with Frederik J. Duparc) in 2001. Her other publications includes a book on the life and work of Jan van Kessel (1641-1680) and a catalogue of the 16th- and 17th-century Dutch and Flemish paintings at the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts. She was an editor of Shop Talk, the 1995 Festschrift in honor of Seymour Slive. Boeknummer: 17479 | Prijs: EUR 130.00 In winkelwagen

Alice I. Davies ANTHONIE VAN BORSSOM (1630-1677) A Catalogue of His Drawings NL-, Davaco, 2014. Hardcover with dusjacket, in 4to. 141 pp., including 186 illustrations (91 in color)
Cloth bound with dustjacket. English. ISBN: 9789070288099
Anthonie van Borssom was a resident of Amsterdam his entire life, active primarily as a landscape artist, who is associated with Rembrandt at the onset of his career. Werner Sumowski catalogued many of Borssom's drawings and paintings in 1979 and in 1983, respectively, in the sixteen volumes he devoted to fifty-four members of Rembrandt's school. Hollstein (1951) lists eight Borssom etchings of domestic animals and birds in landscape settings. A comprehensive monograph has not been published, and some confusion remains concerning aspects of the artist's life, including the year of his birth. New information about Anthonie van Borssom's life is presented in the introductory essay for this updated catalogue of his watercolors and ink wash drawings. There is a growing consensus that Borssom's true talent and originality find their best expression in his drawings, and not in his largely derivative paintings. The new attention paid to his works on paper has brought a clearer understanding of his production. Besides elucidating the artist's biography and the complexities involving his name, the introductory text presents a discussion of his subjects (mostly Dutch landscapes, garden scenes, birds and animals, five church interiors, three allegorical series, and a few figures); the trips and excursions he made to depict identifiable sites in The Nether-lands and at Cleves, just over the German border; and the characteristics of his style which help secure attributions to his hand. New attributions are reported in the essay, involving both his contemporaries (mainly from Rembrandt's school) and also his dedicated followers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The catalogue of Borssom's drawings is limited to those accepted by the author as authentic, and for which an illustration is available. The independent sheets are grouped by medium (watercolor; brown ink with brown wash; brown ink with grey or grey and brown wash; grey ink and black chalk), organized by size (larger to smaller). The most important work is the artist's sketchbook preserved at the British Museum, which is fully illustrated here. Sumowski (1979) reproduced six pages from the sketchbook, and illustrated 78 independent drawings by Borssom, while mentioning twelve more as authentic works. This catalogue contains 122 independent sheets (not always in agreement with Sumowski's selection), some with sketches on their versos (likewise illustrated), in addition to the 94 complete sketches (sometimes several to a page) in the British Museum book. The independent drawings are supported by full entries: heading, inscriptions/marks, watermark, chain lines, provenance, literature, exhibitions, and notes. The volume is completed by a full bibliography (books and articles, exhibition catalogues, and sale catalogues) and two indexes (present collections and owners). Boeknummer: 50394 | Prijs: EUR 80.00 In winkelwagen

Alice I. Davies; JAN VAN KESSEL (1641-1680), catalogue raisonne. Davaco, Aetas Aurea, Vol. X, 1993. Cloth bound with dusjacket, 4to. VIII, 335 pp. text and 411 ills. on 244 plts. (11 in color). fine condition! ISBN: 9070288818 JAN VAN KESSEL is a monograph and catalogue raisonne introducing a little-known but talented Amsterdam follower of Jacob van Ruisdael. Many art professionals outside of the speciality of seventeenth- century Dutch landscape do not realize that he existed, with the result that his works sometimes are assigned to the contemporary (but unrelated) Antwerp painter of the same name. The monograph text starts with a critique of the artist's reception to date, both in terms of the public exhibition of his work and the appraisals of him in scholarly literature. Next, his biography is updated using primary and secondary sources, including un-published data from the Amsterdam Municipal Archives. Then, Jan van Kessel's paintings and drawings are given a general introduction, with special attention paid to the development that occurred in the way he signed his name. The main body of the monograph is devoted to his art, presented chronologically from the artist's documented start in 1661 until his early death in 1680. The catalogue raisonne contains fully documented entries with discussions up to a thousand words in lenght. The 290 works catalogued are organized into six sections: Authentic, Problematic, Doubtful Paintings, Authentic Drawings, Problematic Drawings, Doubtful Drawings (26). As new! Boeknummer: 15149 | Prijs: EUR 95.00 In winkelwagen

Alison McNeil Kettering Gerard ter Borch en de Vrede van Munster Uitgeverij WBOOKS 1998, 1998. Softcover, 56 pagina's, Nederlands, 270 x 210 mm, boek in nieuwstaat, met illustraties, . ISBN: 9789040092398 Op 15 mei 1648, werd in het stadhuis van Munster de vrede tussen Spanje en de Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden gesloten. De schilder Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681) was er ooggetuige van en legde deze plechtige bijeenkomst vast in een groepsportret getiteld De beëdiging van de Vrede van Munster. Dit unieke kunstwerk is de enige geschilderde weergave van de vredessluiting in Munster en is daarmee een historisch document van onschatbare waarde. Het boek is gewijd aan de activiteiten van Ter Borch in de jaren 1646 tot 1648 als portretschilder in Munster, waar hij vele Nederlandse en buitenlandse afgevaardigden portretteerde. Boeknummer: 56523 | Prijs: EUR 12.50 In winkelwagen

ALPERS, S. THE DECORATION OF THE TORRE DE LA PARADA. volume IX - CORPUS RUBENIANUM PART IX : Brussels, Arcade., 1971. Hardcover with imprint on back and illustrated dustjacket, + slipcase, 185 x 265 mm., 386 pp. and 200 illustrations in b/w. neuf / fine condition! ISBN: 0714814032 Definitive Raisonnated Catalogue of teh work of Rubens in 27 parts. Based on the material assembled by Ludwig Burchard. Each part written by a well - known scholar. new price 150.00 euro Boeknummer: 819 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

ALPERS, SVETLANA. The Decoration of the Torre de la Parada, IX CORPUS RUBENIANUM LUDWIG BURCHARD. ( volume IX) Brussels, Arcade, 1971. Bound, black cloth, gilt spine, originale red dust jacket illustrated in b/w, red slip - case, 18x26,5cm, 386pp + 200 plates b/w. **very fine condition !!! Part IX: The Decoration of the Torre de la Parada. Complete work of Rubens. The corpus is based on the material assembled over several decades by Ludwig Burchard. Boeknummer: 6714 | Prijs: EUR 24.99 In winkelwagen

Andree de Bosque Mythologie et Maniérisme aux Pays-Bas, 1570-1630 : peinture, dessins Antwerpen, Anvers Fonds Mercator, 1985. 1. Hardcover, 328 pages, Texte en Francais, 340 x 260 x 40 mm, dans un manteau solide ,illustrations en couleur / n/b , Nouveau condition ! jaquette illustreé,

. ISBN: 9789061531456
Le «maniérisme» fait référence au style issu du style Renaissance au XVIe siècle, qui à son tour a précédé le baroque. Le maniérisme est né en Toscane, sous l'impulsion de Michel-Angelo. Rome prend le relais et devient le centre de la nouvelle école, mais Venise lui donne sa sublime sophistication. Avec la Réforme et le Caravagisme apparaît le «troisième» maniérisme si fécond pour les Pays-Bas. Le but de cet ouvrage est de définir les trois maniérismes tels qu'ils se sont développés au XVIe siècle dans un vaste contexte européen: l'Italie, Fontainebleau, la Cour de Bavière et la Cour de Prague, aux Pays-Bas. En particulier, la dernière période de ce style est discutée, qui coïncide avec la division entre le Nord et le Sud. Une étude approfondie, illuminée de nombreux chefs-d'?uvre en couleur. Boeknummer: 55455 | Prijs: EUR 90.00 In winkelwagen

Anna Cecilia Koldeweij, Friso Lammertse, Volker Manuth, Fred Meijer, Monique Rakhorst, Vienna van Rosmalen Henri de Fromantiou : Royal Illusions , ENG. Bonnefanten Museum, 2015. Hardback, 120 pages, English edition FINE! ISBN: 9789082296525 Along with the first exhibition on Henri de Fromantiou, looks on this occasion also the first monograph on the artist's light. The book you have before you want it Bonnefantenmuseum fill this gap in art history. There are several chapters included that allow discussed together all aspects of this broad-based man come, as his apprenticeship, his appointment as court painter in Potsdam, his work and his role as an art dealer. After his birth in Maastricht and its nebulous apprenticeship was the Fromantiou based in The Hague and Amsterdam. Samen met de eerste tentoonstelling over Henri de Fromantiou, ziet bij deze gelegenheid ook de eerste monografie over de kunstenaar het licht. Met het voor u liggende boek wil het Bonnefantenmuseum deze kunsthistorische lacune opvullen. Er zijn verschillende hoofdstukken opgenomen die samen alle aspecten van deze breed georienteerde man aan bod laten komen, zoals zijn leertijd, zijn aanstelling als hofschilder in Potsdam, zijn oeuvre en zijn rol als kunsthandelaar. Na zijn geboorte in Maastricht en zijn in nevelen gehulde leerperiode was De Fromantiou werkzaam in Den Haag en Amsterdam. Boeknummer: 46898 | Prijs: EUR 29.50 In winkelwagen

Anne Autissier UITBUNDIG VERLEDEN De Bourgondiërs door Romantische ogen Snoeck Publishers, 2021. PB+, 280 x 250 mm, 160 pages , 132 illustraties. NL edition. fine. ISBN: 9789461616777 Teruggrijpen naar het verleden, het is iets van alle tijden. Net als vandaag was geschiedenis ook in de negentiende eeuw populair. Het is de eeuw waarin verschillende nieuwe naties ontstaan en andere zich sterker gaan profileren op het internationale toneel. Tijdens de Romantiek groeit een hernieuwde belangstelling voor de Bourgondische hertogen, van Filips de Stoute tot de roemrijke keizer Karel. Zo treden de vijftiende- en zestiende-eeuwse Bourgondische vorsten in verschillende Europese landen opnieuw op de voorgrond. Als de aartsvaders van de Lage Landen verschijnen ze op schilderijen, in de literatuur en beeldhouwkunst. Maar het beeld van de vorsten verschilt sterk van land tot land: wat vertellen ze ons over de negentiende-eeuwse visie op het verleden? En over de manier waarop wij vandaag omgaan met onze geschiedenis? In Uitbundig Verleden. De Bourgondiërs door Romantische ogen kijk je vanuit een hedendaagse context, met een kritische blik en een veranderend perspectief naar het verleden. De ondergrondse exporuimte van Museum Hof van Busleyden doet aan als eennegentiende-eeuws monumentaal museum en toont met een veertigtal werken het verlangen naar de grootsheid van weleer. Museum Hof van Busleyden - 27.11.2021 - 27.02.2022. Uitbundig Verleden is een samenwerking tussen Museum Hof van Busleyden en het Monastère royal de Brou in Bourg-en-Bresse (Frankrijk). Boeknummer: 57502 | Prijs: EUR 22.00 In winkelwagen

Anneke Bakker Bekranst De krans als symbool in de zeventiende eeuwse schilderkunst Waanders, 2024. gebonden, 180 pag. rijkelijk geillustreerd, 24x17cm. ISBN: 9789462625549 Binnen de zeventiende eeuwse schilderkunst speelt de krans een bescheiden, maar interessante rol. Het is vaak een detail dat niet direct opvalt, maar dat bij nadere beschouwing toch een specifieke betekenis aan het schilderij blijkt te geven. Het is fascinerend om te zien op hoeveel verschillende manieren de krans als symbool opduikt in de 17e-eeuwse schilderkunst. Veel van zulke opmerkelijke en betekenisvolle kransen komen in deze publicatie aan bod. Enerzijds heb je de bloemenkrans als teken van verer Boeknummer: 64096 | Prijs: EUR 29.95 In winkelwagen

Annemarieke Willemsen, Back to the schoolyard: the daily practice of medieval and renaissance education. (studies in european urban history (1100-1800)) (studies in european urban history (1100-1800) Brepols Publishers, 2008. paperback,324 p., 265 colour ill., 180 x 250 mm,
Languages: English. ISBN: 9782503525990
Back to the Schoolyard The Daily Practice of Medieval and Renaissance Education After about 1300, most schools in the Netherlands came under secular rule. It managed to create good and accessible schools, causing a hey-day for education in the 14th, 15th and 16th century. As a result, more than half of the children participated in basic instruction and literacy rate went relatively high. A contemporary Italian visitor noted with awe that ?in the Low Countries everybody could read and write, even the peasants?. In the 16th century, the curriculum changed because of the Reformation and the availability of printed texts. In this book, the favourable situation in the Netherlands is compared with the rest of Western Europe. Medieval and Renaissance schools have been studied before, but never from the perspective of those who experienced it on a daily basis. Recent excavations on the sites of late-medieval schools and boarding houses revealed the objects used by pupils and teachers for reading, writing, mathematics, and school life in general. Combining those finds with texts and hundreds of depictions of school scenes in manuscripts, frescoes, sculpture, stained glass and early prints, the practice of education could be reconstructed. The book gives a detailed overview of the material school culture, allowing a rare glimpse into a late-medieval classroom Boeknummer: 45654 | Prijs: EUR 80.00 In winkelwagen

Ariane van Suchtelen ROELANT SAVERY'S : WONDROUS WORLD Waanders Uitgevers, 2024. 1. softcover , 260 x 220 mm, 160 pages. ENG edition, illustrated in colours. ISBN: 9789462625228 Roelant Savery (1578-1639) belonged to the large group of Flemish artists who ended up in the Northern Netherlands around 1600, during the 80 Years' War. There they stood at the cradle of the great flowering of art in the seventeenth century. Savery was a very versatile draftsman and painter, specialized in landscapes, animal pieces and floral still lifes. He depicted countless different species with encyclopedic precision: animals, flowers but also people from various regions, from Bohemian farmers to Jewish worshipers in the synagogue. Savery became the painter of the extinct dodo from Mauritius. For more than ten years, Savery worked in the service of the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, who sent him to document the landscapes and people of his empire. Originating from the Low Countries, the waterfalls in the Alps must have made a deep impression on the artist. After returning to the Netherlands, Roelant Savery settled in Utrecht, where he created a garden behind his house with precious flowers and plants. This way he did not have to leave home to find inspiration for his flower still lifes. Boeknummer: 63878 | Prijs: EUR 26.95 In winkelwagen

Ariane van Suchtelen, Fred G. Meijer, Erik A. De Jong e.a IN VOLLE BLOEI. Waanders Uitgevers, 2022. softcover, 280 x 230 mm, 128 pages, 75 illustraties, NL edition. ISBN: 9789462623552 Bloeiende tulpen, rozen en al die andere bloemsoorten - het lijkt zo'n vanzelfsprekend onderwerp voor de kunst. Toch deed het bloemstilleven pas na 1600 zijn intrede in de Hollandse en Vlaamse schilderkunst. Bonte boeketten en een voorkeur voor exotische bloemsoorten kenmerken het genre, evenals een hoge graad van perfectie in de uitvoering. Precisie, zeldzaamheid en variatie - daarmee behaalden de bloemenschilders grote successen, niet alleen in Nederland maar bij kunstliefhebbers in heel Europa. De opkomst van het bloemstilleven in de zeventiende eeuw was nauw verweven met de botanische ontdekkingen van die tijd - in de Leidse hortus bloeiden de eerste tulpen. Kunst, natuur en wetenschap gingen hand in hand en verschillende vrouwelijke kunstenaars maakten furore in de bloemenkunst. De schilderijen van Ambrosius Bosschaert, Jan Davidsz de Heem en Rachel Ruysch behoren tot de meest geliefde schilderijen van het Mauritshuis. Boeknummer: 58247 | Prijs: EUR 23.95 In winkelwagen

Arnout Balis, Frans Susanna Emanuel Baudouin, Klaus Demus De Vlaamse schilderkunst in het Kunsthistorisches Museum te Wenen Mercatorfonds, 1987. Gebonden, Hardcover met stofomslag compleet. 301 pagina's rijkelijk geïllustreerd in kleur. ISBN: 9061531833 Boeknummer: 53302 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

Arthur Wheelock Jr Vermeer : Library Of Great Painters Abrams 1981, 1981. 1. Hardcover, 168 pages, ENG, 330 x 255 mm, in good shape, little discoloured points on the top ( age of time) illustrated in colour and b/w, . ISBN: 9780810917309 Provides a comprehensive study of Vermeer's life and work, presents commentaries on his painting techniques, and examines each one of the Dutch artist's authenticated paintings. Boeknummer: 58432 | Prijs: EUR 32.50 In winkelwagen

Authors; Anna Cecilia Koldeweij, Friso Lammertse, Volker Manuth, Fred Meijer, Monique Rakhorst, Vienna van Rosmalen Henri de Fromantiou Vorstelijke Illusies. NL. Bonnefanten Museum, 2015. Hardback, , 130p, Dutch (NL) edition . ISBN: 9789082296518 Samen met de eerste tentoonstelling over Henri de Fromantiou, ziet bij deze gelegenheid ook de eerste monografie over de kunstenaar het licht. Met het voor u liggende boek wil het Bonnefantenmuseum deze kunsthistorische lacune opvullen. Er zijn verschillende hoofdstukken opgenomen die samen alle aspecten van deze breed georienteerde man aan bod laten komen, zoals zijn leertijd, zijn aanstelling als hofschilder in Potsdam, zijn oeuvre en zijn rol als kunsthandelaar. Na zijn geboorte in Maastricht en zijn in nevelen gehulde leerperiode was De Fromantiou werkzaam in Den Haag en Amsterdam. Boeknummer: 46897 | Prijs: EUR 29.75 In winkelwagen

Balis, Arnout Depauw, Carl Duverger, Erik Huvenne, Paul Kockelbergh, Iris Muller, Jeffrey M. Renger, Konrad Van der Stighelen, Katlijne van de Velde, Carl Vlieghe, Hans Devisscher, Hans [edit.] Rubens Cantoor : een verzameling tekeningen ontstaan in Rubens' atelier. Antwerpen, Rubenshuis, 1993. Paperback geillustreerde kartonomslag, 235 x 320mm., uitgebreide illustratie in kleur en z/w. Tweetalige uitgave NL / Eng. Als nieuw. ISBN: 9053490760 De gelijknamige tentoonstelling werd georganiseerd in het kader van Antwerpen 93 Culturele hoofdstad van Europa. Rubenshuis van 15 mei tot 27 juni 1993. Tweetalige uitgave Nl / Eng. Als nieuw. Boeknummer: 59005 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

Bernhard Ridderbos ; Hugo van der Goes ; Bart luijten Schilderkunst in de Bourgondische Nederlanden Davidsfonds, 2014. 1. Hardcover, 328 pagina's, NL, 295 x 255 x 30 mm, in Nieuwstaat !, illustraties in kleur / z/w. ISBN: 9789059085435 De Vlaamse Primitieven spreken tot de verbeelding. De schilderijen van de Meester van Flémalle, Jan Van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Dirk Bouts, Hugo van der Goes en andere meesters hangen in musea over de hele wereld en worden gezien als het hoogtepunt van de laatmiddeleeuwse kunst. Dit kunstboek gaat verder dan de vele andere studies over deze meesterwerken en bespreekt niet enkel het artistieke karakter van de schilderijen, maar ook de cultuurhistorische context waarbinnen ze gemaakt werden.Wie waren de opdrachtgevers van de Vlaamse Primitieven en waarom lieten ze bepaalde voorstellingen schilderen? Welke sociale, politieke, economische en devotionele factoren beïnvloedden de artistieke productie? Welke symbolische betekenissen zitten er in de schilderijen? Hoe werden de werken in de eigen tijd ontvangen en gewaardeerd?Schilderkunst in de Bourgondische Nederlanden kijkt op een geheel nieuwe manier naar de schilderkunst van de Vlaamse Primitieven. Boordevol schitterende afbeeldingen is dit een prachtig lees- en kijkboek over de belangrijkste schilderijen uit de geschiedenis van de Bourgondische Nederlanden. Boeknummer: 61250 | Prijs: EUR 85.00 In winkelwagen

Birgit Schumacher. PHILIPS WOUWERMAN (1619-1668).The Horse Painter of the Golden Age. catalogue raisonne. 2 volumes Aetas Aurea, Vol. XX. Davaco, 2006. 2 vols. in-4to.Bound in cloth, with dusjacket, An introductory text in 6 chapters of 164 pages followed by a catalogue raisonne of 488 pages, comprising authenticated, attributed, rejected works in public collections, and lost works; followed by 112 pp. consisting of bibliographies, concordance and indexes; 795 illustrations from which 100 plates in colour and 86 comparative figures. ISBN: 9070288672 The exhaustive catalogue raisonne is divided into four parts: the first contains detailed information on accepted, verifiable paintings; the second comprises dubious attributions; the third and fourth part document the rejected works in public collections, as well as works that have been lost. The catalogue is complemented by comprehensive appendixes which contain a list of archival documents, indexes of owners, past and present, and a concordance with Hofstede de Groot's 1908 numbers. This lavishly illustrated reference book provides a basis for further research on the work of Philips Wouwermans. as new ! Boeknummer: 15130 | Prijs: EUR 200.00 In winkelwagen

Blankert, Albert; FERDINAND BOL (1616-1680). Rembrandt's Pupil, Davaco, Aetas Aurea,Vol. II, 1982. Cloth bound, 4to., 382 pp. including a full catalogue raisonne, 300 ills. on 141 plates. ISBN: 9070288052 Bol has always been Rembrandt's most famous pupil. Like him he aimed at the high goal of being a history-painter, choosing themes from the bible, classical mythology and allegories as his subject matter. The name of Ferdinand Bol still serves as the collective designation of hundreds of very dissimilar paintings. The present study reduces the number of Bols to a catalogue raisonne of a hard core of under 200 ascertained pictures. As new. Boeknummer: 15159 | Prijs: EUR 80.00 In winkelwagen

BOSQUE (Andree de) Mythologie en manierisme in de Nederlanden. mercaterfonds - fondsmercator, 1988. Gebonden, Hardcover met omslagwikkel compleet. foudraal, 328 pp. 340 x 260 x 40 mm rijkelijk geillustreerd prima staat !. . ISBN: 9061531462 Met "manierisme" wordt de stijl aangeduid die in de 16de eeuw uit de renaissancestijl ontstaat, en die op zijn beurt aan de barok voorafgaat. Het manierisme wordt geboren in Toscane, onder impuls van Michel-Angelo. Rome neemt het over en wordt het centrum van de nieuwe school, doch Venetie geeft het zijn sublieme verfijning. Met de Hervorming en het Caravagisme verschijnt het "derde" manierisme dat zo vruchtbaar is voor de Nederlanden. Het is de bedoeling van dit boek de drie manierismen te definieren, zoals zij zich ontwikkeld hebben tijdens de 16de eeuw in een brede Europese context: Italie, Fontainebleau, het Hof van Beieren en het Hof van Praag, de Nederlanden. In het bijzonder komt de laatste periode van deze stijl aan bod, die samenvalt met de scheiding tussen Noord en Zuid. Een grondige studie, verlucht met talrijke meesterwerken in kleur. Boeknummer: 48036 | Prijs: EUR 75.00 In winkelwagen

BRIELS, JAN. VLAAMSE SCHILDERS IN DE NOORDELIJKE NEDERLANDEN IN HET BEGIN VAN DE GOUDEN EEUW 1585-1630. Antwerpen, Mercatorfonds, 1987. Gebonden, met foudraal, halflinnen, vergulde bandstempel, rug versierd met vergulde titel, originele geillustreerde omslagwikkel in kleur, 25x33,5cm, 454pp, geillustreerd in kleur en z/w, bibliografie, personenregister. ISBN: 9061531748 Portret - Historie - Genre - Plunderingen, overvallen en batailles -Stads- en dorpgezicht - Dierstuk - Stilleven - Architectuur - Landschap - Zeegezicht. Boeknummer: 12430 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

BRIELS, Jan; VLAAMSE SCHILDERS EN DE DAGERAAD VAN HOLLANDS GOUDEN EEUW, Antwerpen, Mercatorfonds, 1997. Gebonden, geillustreerde foudraal in kleur, groen linnen, rug versierd met vergulde titel, originele geillustreerde stofomslag, 25x33,5cm, 429pp, geillustreerd in kleur en z/w. ISBN: 9061533996 Met biografieen als bijlage. Portretten - Historiestukken - Genretaferelen - Architectuurstukken - Dierstukken - Overvallen en Batailles - Zeegezichten - Landschappen - Stillevens. Boek is in nieuwstaat. Boeknummer: 10687 | Prijs: EUR 75.00 In winkelwagen

BROOS, Ben (catal.). HOLLANDSE MEESTERS UIT AMERIKA. Zwolle, Waanders, 1990. softcover originele uitgeversomslag in kleur, 28x22.8 cm., 563 pp., geillustreerd in kleur en z/w. ISBN: 9789066302525 Uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van de gelijknamige tentoonstelling in het Mauritshuis, Den Haag 28 september 1990 - 13 januari 1991 en in The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 16 februari 1991 - 5 mei 1991. Boeknummer: 30948 | Prijs: EUR 12.00 In winkelwagen

BROOS, Ben (catal.). HOLLANDSE MEESTERS UIT AMERIKA. Zwolle, Waanders, 1990. Gebonden, lichtroze linnen hardcover met zilveropdruk op de rug, originele uitgeversomslag in kleur, 28.6x23.4 cm., 563 pp., geillustreerd in kleur en z/w. ISBN: 9066302437 Uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van de gelijknamige tentoonstelling in het Mauritshuis, Den Haag 28 september 1990 - 13 januari 1991 en in The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 16 februari 1991 - 5 mei 1991. Boeknummer: 40685 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Brown, Jonathan Murillo and His Drawings Princeton University Press, 1977, 1977. 1. Hardcover, 200 pages, ENG, 270 x 225 mm, in good order, with illustrations in b/w, . ISBN: 9780691039169 Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (Seville, December 1617 ? there, April 3, 1682) was a Spanish painter who painted many religious works, mainly depicting peaceful scenes. In addition to his home city of Seville, he was also known in England and elsewhere in Europe. Boeknummer: 58508 | Prijs: EUR 23.00 In winkelwagen

Bruno Blondé, Jeroen Puttevils and Isis Sturtewagen Antwerp in the Renaissance Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2020. Hardcover, 315 pages ., 19 b/w ill. + 49 colour ill., 4 b/w tables, 178 x 254 mm,. ISBN: 9782503588339 Antwerp in the Renaissance offers new research results and fresh perspectives on the economic, cultural, and social history of the Antwerp metropolis in the sixteenth century. This book engages with Antwerp in the Renaissance. Bringing together several specialists of sixteenth-century Antwerp, it offers new research results and fresh perspectives on the economic, cultural and social history of the metropolis in the sixteenth century. Recurrent themes are the creative ways in which the Italian renaissance was translated in the Antwerp context. Imperfect imitation often resulted from the specific social context in which the renaissance was translated: Antwerp was a metropolis marked by a strong commercial ideology, a high level affluence and social inequality, but also by the presence of large and strong middling layers, which contributed to the city?s ?bourgeois? character. The growth of the Antwerp market was remarkable: in no time the city gained metropolitan status. This book does a good job in showing how quite a few of the Antwerp ?achievements? did result from the absence of ?existing structures? and ?examples?. Moreover, the city and its culture were given shape by the many frictions, and uncertainties that came along with rapid urban growth and religious turmoil. Bruno Blondé and Jeroen Puttevils are colleagues at the Centre for Urban History at the University of Antwerp. The research fields of Blondé include the history of transportation, economic growth and social inequality, material culture, retail and consumption of the early modern Low Countries. Puttevils works on the late medieval Low Countries and deals with topics such as mercantile and financial culture, the history of lotteries and how people thought about the future in the past. Table of Contents Antwerp in the Renaissance Bruno Blondé and Jeroen Puttevils Sixteenth-Century Antwerp, a Hyper-Market for All? The Case of Low Countries Merchants Jeroen Puttevils Antwerp Commercial Law in the Sixteenth Century: A Product of the Renaissance? The Legal Facilitating, Appropriating and Improving of Mercantile Practices Dave De Ruysscher Brotherhood of Artisans. The Disappearance of Confraternal Friendship and the Ideal of Equality in the Long Sixteenth CenturyBruno Blondé and Jeroen Puttevils Sixteenth-Century Antwerp, a Hyper-Market for All? The Case of Low Countries Merchants Jeroen Puttevils Antwerp Commercial Law in the Sixteenth Century: A Product of the Renaissance? The Legal Facilitating, Appropriating and Improving of Mercantile Practices Dave De Ruysscher Brotherhood of Artisans. The Disappearance of Confraternal Friendship and the Ideal of Equality in the Long Sixteenth Century Bert De Munck ?And Thus the Brethren Shall Meet All Together?. Active Participation in Antwerp Confraternities, c. 1375?1650 Hadewijch Masure A Renaissance Republic? Antwerp?s urban militia, ?the military Renaissance? and structural changes in warfare, c. 1566?c. 1621 Erik Swart A Counterfeit Community. Rederijkers, Festive Culture and Print in Renaissance Antwerp Anne-Laure Van Bruaene Literary Renaissance in Sixteenth-Century Antwerp? Herman Pleij Building the Metropolis Krista De Jonge, Piet Lombaerde, and Petra Maclot The City Portrayed. Patterns of Continuity and Change in the Antwerp Renaissance City View Jelle De Rock Trial and error. Antwerp Renaissance art Koenraad Jonckheere Silks and the ?Golden Age? of Antwerp Boeknummer: 54367 | Prijs: EUR 94.00 In winkelwagen

Carel Vosmaer De schilderschool, levensschetsen en kunstwerken van eenige meesters uit de Hollandsche en andere scholen. Kruseman,, 1868. gebonden in kunstlederenband, (groen) met goudopdruk, 178pp met verschillende staal gravuren. Boeknummer: 42159 | Prijs: EUR 60.00 In winkelwagen

Cartwright, Ingrid A. [edit.] Metzler, Sally [edit.] Schloder, John E. [edit.] Story and symbol : Dutch and Flemish paintings from the collection of Dr. Gordon and Adele Gilbert St. Petersburg, Florida : Museum of Fine Arts, 2011. softcover 99 pages ill. English. ISBN: 1878390090 Boeknummer: 56565 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Charles Beddington. avec une contribution de Amanda Bradley Venise Canaletto et ses rivaux BE, Mercatorfonds / Fonds Mercator, 2010. Hardback, 285x245mm, 160p, French edition. etaf neuf ! . ISBN: 978906153971113 La peinture de vue du dix-huitieme siecle a Venise est apparue avec Luca Carlevarijs et s'est eteinte a la mort de Francesco Guardi en 1793, suivi par l'invasion de Napoleon et la chute de la Republique de Venise en 1797. Entre deux, une constellation de peintres remarquables s'est distinguee dans l'illustration des vues les plus celebres comme des coins les plus recules de la ville dans d'eblouissantes images qui comptent parmi les plus grandes reussites artistiques du dix-huitieme siecle. Bien que Canaletto soit probablement l'artiste le plus directement associe a ces images, il comptait beaucoup de rivaux. Chaque artiste avait de la meme topographie sa propre vision unique et la representait de facon clairement distincte. Ce catalogue montre les differentes reponses a ce paysage urbain avec sa lumiere toujours changeante et ses personnages de theatre. Toutes les figures majeures sont ici representees, Bellotto, Canaletto, Carlevarijs, Guardi, Joli, Marieschi et Vanvitelli , a cote de quelques contemporains fascinants comme Cimaroli et Tironi dont les dernieres recherches ont mis en lumiere les rapports stylistiques complexes entre eux.National Gallery, Londen Expo: 13/10/2010 - 16/01/2011, National Gallery, Washington, 20/2/11 - 30/5/2011 Boeknummer: 25805 | Prijs: EUR 35.00 In winkelwagen

Cholcman, T. Art on Paper: Ephemeral Art in the Low Countries The Triumphal Entry of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella into Antwerp, 1599 Brepols - Harvey Miller, 2014. softcover, 157 p., 100 b/w ill., 220 x 280 mm,
ILanguages: English. ISBN: 9782503543413
This book focuses on ephemeral art of festival, created for public events, such as triumphal processions, weddings and court funerals. The ephemeral art of festival, popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, was created for public events, such as triumphal processions, weddings and court funerals. Large-scale monuments combining painting, sculpture and the performing arts were devised for the duration of the event, but as soon as this was over, these extravagant constructions were dismantled and their individual components ultimately destroyed. Before the monuments ceased to exist, the city council would ensure their conservation in words and images, thus materializing the ephemeral art of festival into the more lasting medium of word and image on paper. One of the most celebrated such festive events was that of the 1599 Antwerp Triumphal Entry of Archduke Albert of Austria and the Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain, the new Spanish governors of the Netherlands. No fewer than 22 monuments, composed of ephemeral materials, were devised. Construction of the monuments was entrusted not only into the hands of sculptors, painters, goldsmiths, carpenters and architects, but also to one of the leading thinkers of the time, the humanist and city secretary Johannes Bochius. This study offers a new approach to an analysis of the art of such events, based on Bochius? book: The Triumphal Entry of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella. Offering a unique and innovative interpretation of the ephemeral art books, a particular relation is revealed between the ephemeral event itself and its documentation in a book. Examining the role of the author (in this case Bochius) as the sole designer of the event, the monuments and their documentation (the book), requires an idiosyncratic reading of the text, which in turns provides more accurate and valid interpretative framework for the book, and hence also for the artwork. Such books, in uniting event and text into one coherent and long-lasting work of art, constitute a new genre of ekphrasis, formulated and conceived solely for the purpose of eternalizing the ephemeral. Tamar Cholcman, from Tel Aviv University, the Art History Department, specializes in Renaissance art, focusing on the ephemeral art of festivals in the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula, during the 16th and 17th centuries. Boeknummer: 51696 | Prijs: EUR 89.00 In winkelwagen

Christian Tümpel, ; Joods Historisch Museum Het Oude Testament in de schilderkunst van de Gouden Eeuw Uitgeverij W Books B.V. 1991, 1991. 1. Paperback, 272 pagina's, NL , 280 x 230 mm, in prima staat, met talrijke foto's / illustraties in kleur en z/w,. ISBN: 9789066303188 De Gouden Eeuw is een periode in de Nederlandse geschiedenis die goeddeels samenvalt met de zeventiende eeuw. De noordelijke Nederlanden, die samen de Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden vormden, maakten een bloeiperiode door op gebied van handel, wetenschap en kunsten. Ook wat betreft haar politieke en militaire macht (vooral ter zee) nam de Republiek in de wereld een vooraanstaande positie in. De bloeitijd van de noordelijke Nederlanden, tot uitdrukking gebracht in de metafoor gouden eeuw, wordt gezien als belangrijke nieuwe fase in de ontwikkeling van de westerse beschaving. Deze metafoor, ontstaan in de negentiende eeuw, is algemeen verbreid, maar heeft ook regelmatig discussie opgeroepen.[1] Boeknummer: 58386 | Prijs: EUR 25.00 In winkelwagen

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