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-- Georges Rouault - Oeuvre gravé - Graphic Work - Graphisches Werk - Volume 1, Éditions André Sauret, 1978 Éditions André Sauret,, 1978. Couverture reliee sous jaquette, 32,5 x 245 cm, 340 pages with . 240 illustrations. bon etat ! Texte en Francais / German / English. Georges Rouault - Oeuvre gravé - Graphic Work - Graphisches Werk volume 1 Boeknummer: 53034 | Prijs: EUR 99.00 In winkelwagen

Ani Boyajian, Mark Rutkoski Stuart Davis A Catalogue Raisonné. 3vols. Yale University Press, 2007. Hardcover in decorative slipcase with dust jacket, 1574 pages, throughout colour illustrations, Language English, FINE, 3 vols set. ISBN: 9780300109818 The highly anticipated, definitive reference on Stuart Davis?s paintings, watercolors, drawings, and published illustrations Stuart Davis (1892?1964) made a mark on the art world early in his career, first with his Ashcan works and then with his highly personal version of Cubism, which firmly established American modernism as a force that could rival its European counterpart. Over the course of six decades, Davis produced artworks that drew inspiration from the European modernists but were deeply rooted in the popular culture of the United States. Jazz music and hipster talk, vaudeville stages, city streetscapes, New England fishing villages, gasoline stations, store fronts, and commercial packaging and advertising images were among the sources that infused his art with energy, bringing crisp edges, radiant color, and syncopated rhythms to a vast body of paintings, watercolors, and drawings. Documenting the life?s work of this prolific and highly influential artist?who affected almost every development in American art from second-generation Ashcan realism around 1912 to color field and geometric painting in the 1960s?is a monumental achievement. In these three volumes, the editors have catalogued 1,749 artworks by the artist?including more than 600 works never previously illustrated?providing extensive documentation and information about each one. A detailed chronology of Davis?s life, as well as an enlightening discussion of the compositional relationship between certain works spanning his oeuvre, rounds out this study. Exquisitely designed and produced, Stuart Davis: A Catalogue Raisonné will be the definitive reference on the artist?s work for many years to come Boeknummer: 61531 | Prijs: EUR 120.00 In winkelwagen

Bischofberger, Christiane Jean Tinguely. Catalogue Raisonne Sculptures And Reliefs/ Werkkatalog Skulpturen Und Rliefs 1954 - 1968/ 1969 - 1985. 2 Volumes. Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, 1982. Hardcover with dusjackets, 2 volumes; Clothbound with dustjacket. 324 and 272 pages throughout with factory illustrations. in b/w. Text in English + German. FINE. Jean Tinguely. Catalogue Raisonne Sculptures And Reliefs/ Werkkatalog Skulpturen Und Rliefs 1954 - 1968/ 1969 - 1985. 2 Volumes Boeknummer: 61557 | Prijs: EUR 700.00 In winkelwagen

Bruno Perrier Haute epoque, provenant notamment des collections Lucien et Helene Mellerio et de divers amateurs : vente a Paris, Espace Tajan, 30 mai 2001 : organisee par Maitres Jacques et Francois Tajan : Etude Tajan 2001, 2001. Hardcover, 183 photo's de catalogue a 30 Mai 2001, bon etat, . Boeknummer: 55693 | Prijs: EUR 26.00 In winkelwagen

C. Blok / R. Kopland / Westerik Co Westerik Catalogue Raisonne De Prom, 2000. Hardcover with dusjacket, 359 pages, 33,3 x 29,3 x 4,7 cm, fine condition, ill. NL/ENG. ISBN: 9789068016857 Deze oeuvrecatalogus verschijnt gelijktijdig met de tentoonstelling in het Chabotmuseum in Rotterdam, t.g.v. de toekenning van de Chabotprijs aan een van de bekendste Nederlandse schilders (1924). Naast de grote reproducties van de 137 schilderijen van 'A' schilderijen (zeer goed afgedrukt), waarin een idee wordt verbeeld, en enkele 'portretten' (met de titel in het Nederlands en Engels) wordt alleen in het Engels uitgebreide informatie gegeven over gebruikte materialen en technieken, signering, datering, huidige verblijfplaats en dergelijke. Met elf kleinere afbeeldingen van de 26 overige werken. In de (N/E) inleiding beschrijft Rutger Kopland het ontstaan van een serie gedichten naar de reeks schilderijen van Westerik over 'afdaling op klaarlichte dag'. Cor Blok geeft een korte omschrijving van de situatie van de schilderkunst in Nederland (Den Haag) in de jaren vijftig en laat dan aan de hand van vele voorbeelden zien hoe Westerik, uitgaande van de zichtbare werkelijkheid, met zelf ontwikkelde symboliek en een sterk ontwikkeld gevoel voor lichamelijkheid van een situatie of idee, zich in het beeld tot de essentie beperkt. Als oeuvrecatalogus is het een naslagwerk; door de tekst van Blok een goede inleiding. Omslag aflopend detail van kleurreproductie. Zeer verzorgde uitgave. (Biblion recensie, J.H. Breeschoten)This oeuvre catalog appears simultaneously with the exhibition in the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam, for the award of the Chabot Prize to one of the best-known Dutch painters (1924). In addition to the large reproductions of the 137 paintings of 'A' paintings (very well printed), which depict an idea, and some 'portraits' (with the title in Dutch and English), extensive information is only given in English about used materials and techniques, signing, dating, current residence and the like. With eleven smaller images of the 26 remaining works. In the (N / E) introduction, Rutger Kopland describes the creation of a series of poems based on the series of paintings by Westerik about 'descent in broad daylight'. Cor Blok gives a brief description of the situation of painting in the Netherlands (The Hague) in the fifties and then shows on the basis of many examples how Westerik, based on visible reality, with self-developed symbolism and a strongly developed feeling For the physicality of a situation or idea, the image is limited to the essence. As an oeuvre catalog, it is a reference work; by the text of Blok a good introduction. Cover descending detail of color reproduction. Very well-kept edition. (Biblion review, J.H. Breeschoten) Boeknummer: 53028 | Prijs: EUR 99.00 In winkelwagen

Camille; Jacqueline Boutet-Loyer Bryen Catalogue raisonné - Camille Bryen L'oevre peint Paris, Librairie Des Quatre Chemins., 1986. Couverture reliee sous jaquette, Hardcover with dusjacket, 254 pages illustré. Texte en Francais. Tiragé limité a 600 exemplaires. Catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre peint, établi selon l'ordre chronologique. 906 numéros au catalogue. Bibliographie, table chronologique des peintures et index des collections publiques. Boeknummer: 52755 | Prijs: EUR 380.00 In winkelwagen

CHAPPIUS, ADRIEN The Drawings of Paul Cezanne. A Catalogue Raisonne by Adrien Chappius. Volumes 1, Introduction and Catalogue, Volume 2, Plates Thames and Hudson., 1973. Hardcover, slipcase, 23 x 31cm Volume 1 Introduction and catalogue: 288 pages . Volume 2 Plates 1223 works illustrated. text in English. ISBN: 9780500090886 Fully illustrated and documented catalogue raisonne. Boeknummer: 61633 | Prijs: EUR 150.00 In winkelwagen

Comite Frans Mortelmans/ Norbert Hostyn, Ivo Schiltz, Dirk Schiltz Frans Mortelmans, 1865-1936, oeuvrecataloog, Catalogue Raisonne. Stichting Mortelmans, 2022. Hardcover, dusjacket, 405 pages, Text in NL/FR/ENG. with 900 illustrations in color. Fine! ISBN: 9789464070088 Dit nieuwe en lijvige kunstboek is opgemaakt in vierkleurendruk en telt meer dan 400 bladzijden. Hij is drietalig opgemaakt 'Nederlands-Frans-Engels', en bevat een volledig aangepaste en herziene ?uvrecataloog, en voorzien van ongeveer 800 herziene en kwalitatief verbeterde foto's. ----- This new and bulky art book is drawn up in four-colour printing and has more than 400 pages. It is in trilingual format 'Dutch-French-English', and contains a fully adapted and revised oeuvre catalog, and provided with approximately 800 revised and qualitatively improved photographs. ------ Ce livre d'art nouveau et volumineux est rédigé en quadrichromie et compte plus de 400 pages. Il est au format trilingue 'néerlandais-français-anglais', et contient un catalogue d'oeuvres entièrement adapté et révisé, et fourni avec environ 800 photographies révisées et qualitativement améliorées. Catalogue Raisonne. Boeknummer: 59352 | Prijs: EUR 69.99 In winkelwagen

CYLVER, Sandrine CHANCO - Catalogue raisonné Tome 2 - Peintures à l'huile 1999-2001 / Oeuvres sur papier 1932-1999. SIGNE! Paris, Sandrine Cylver, 2002. Hardcover with dusjacket, 478 PAGES, illustrations en noir et blanc et en couleurs.Texte en Francais ****Avec envoi et signature de l'artist. ISBN: 9782951866003 ****Avec envoi et signature de l'artist CHANCO Boeknummer: 57836 | Prijs: EUR 155.00 In winkelwagen

Daniel Wildenstein (ed.) Auguste Rodin ? Catalogue Raisonne 1840-1886 , Vie et ?uvre - Tome 1. Wildenstein Institute 1989. cartonnage illustre de l'editeur, 204 pages, 320 ill. 29 x 28.8 cm. 2,6 kg. ISBN: 9782908063042 The first volume of the catalogue raisonne of the work of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) covers the period 1840-1886, treating his apprenticeship at the Ecole imperiale speciale de dessin et de mathematiques, his collaboration with the sculptor Carrier-Belleuse, his first trip to Italy, the difficulties of his early career, and his first successes. The volume closes with an evocation of his meeting with Camille Claudel and the elaboration of his Portes de l'Enfer, both events announcing the decisive turn that Rodin's life, art and thinking were about to take. Boeknummer: 52150 | Prijs: EUR 75.00 In winkelwagen

Dietmar Elger, graphic design by Gabriele Sabolewski, ed. Dietmar Elger Gerhard Richter Catalogue Raisonné Vol. 1 - 6 Hatje Cantz, 2011-2017. Hardcovers; clothbound with dustjacket, 26.70 x 30.20 cm. 6 volumes; 1/ 2011. 512 pages., 539 ills. - 2/ 2017. 656 pages, 715 ills - 3/ 2013. 640 pages, 702 ills. - 4/ 2015. 600 pages, 645 ills. 5/ 2020. 600 pages, 700 ills. 6/ 2022. 528 pages, 700 ills - Text in German, English. **** VERY FINE CONDITION!!!! ISBN: 9783775719780 Gerhard Richter Catalogue Raisonné. Volume 1 - Nos. 1-198 1962-1968 / Volume 2 - Nos. 199-3881968-1976 / Gerhard Richter Catalogue Raisonné. Volume 3 - Nos. 389-651-21976-1987 / Gerhard Richter Catalogue Raisonné. Volume 4 - Nos. 652-1-805-61988-1994 // Gerhard Richter Catalogue Raisonné. Volume 5 Nos.806-899-8 1994-2006-/ Gerhard Richter Catalogue Raisonné: Volume 6 Nos. 900-957 2007-2019. Complete set. Boeknummer: 61603 | Prijs: EUR 1150.00 In winkelwagen

Durand-Ruel, Denyse; Jean-Pierre Raynaud Jean Pierre Raynaud: Catalogue Raisonne 1962 - 1973, Volume 1 / Editions du Regard, 1998. Hardcover with dusjacket. 250 pages, Volume 1. Text in French and English. . ISBN: 9782841050055 Tome 1 [Catalog Raisonné, Complete Works, Life And Work, La Vie Et L'?uvre, Oeuvre, Raisonnee] Boeknummer: 56215 | Prijs: EUR 95.00 In winkelwagen

Fred G. Meijer JAN DAVIDSZ. DE HEEM, The complete catalogue of de Heem's oeuvre / catalogue raisonne. Waanders Uitgevers, 2024. Hardcovers, 2 VOLUMES BOXED, 290 x 240 mm, 760 pages, throughout colour illustrations, ENG. edition, FINE!. ISBN: 9789462625563 Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606-1684) was one of the best still-life painters of the seventeenth century. His work, which is enchanting to the eye, has always enjoyed international fame. Throughout his painting career of nearly sixty-years, de Heem continued to search for new and better ways to depict his subjects. He trained several pupils and had countless followers and imitators, in the Netherlands as well as abroad, and throughout the centuries. The fact that he was active in both the Northern and Southern Netherlands enhanced his success and fame. He worked successively in Leiden, (presumably) in Amsterdam, in Antwerp, in Utrecht and again in Antwerp. De Heem is perhaps best known for his exuberant floral still lifes, which, however, were mainly created after 1660. By then, already for decades, he had painted still lifes of many themes and motifs, and in a variety of sizes, modest as well as luxurious. In Antwerp he had developed the large, rich still lifes which earned him part of his renown. This comprehensive monograph written by Fred G. Meijer, contains the complete catalogue of de Heem's oeuvre. Volume 1 includes an introduction, a biography and description of the development of his work. Volume 2 contains the catalogue raisonné of all paintings now known by de Heem, as well as several appendices. Fred G. Meijer (1955) graduated from the Reinwardt Academie in 1980 and shortly after started at the RKD, Netherlands Institute for Art History, in The Hague, where he worked until mid-2017, lastly as Senior Curator in the department of Old Netherlandish Painting. Subsequently, he founded Fred G. Meijer Art History providing art-historical advice and texts. His main field of interest is still-life painting from the 17th and 18th centuries, but his specialist knowledge concerns many areas of painting and drawing from c.1600-1850, and related subjects. He published numerous articles, (contributions to) catalogues of exhibitions and collections, and wrote the catalogues of still-life collections in Rotterdam (1989) and Oxford (2003) and published A Dictionary of Dutch and Flemish Still-life Painters [.] with A. van der Willigen (2003). In 2016 he was awarded the degree of doctor for his research concerning Jan Davidsz. de Heem on which this book is based Boeknummer: 63613 | Prijs: EUR 150.00 In winkelwagen

Gerard Berreby et Danielle Orhan. Guy Debord Maurice Wyckaert, L'oeuvre peint (1947-1996 ) catalogue raisonne. FR., Alia edite, 2013. softcover, format : 210 x 240 mm, 576 pages, catalogue raisonne. fine condition !!. ISBN: 9782844855978 L'Oeuvre de Maurice Wyckaert montre avec virtuosite que le signe abstrait ne saurait s'opposer au motif figuratif. La filiation picturale de Wyckaert se situerait de la Renaissance a Cobra, en passant par Fernand Leger, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff et les expressionnistes flamands, Constant Permeke surtout. Grand coloriste, brillant dessinateur, Wyckaert peint ce qu'il voit, ce dont il se souvient. Il a radicalise la lecon de Kandinsky : couleur et forme operent une refonte du motif jusque a le rendre meconnaissable et reveler la puissance de la peinture elle-meme. D'ailleurs, il choisit generalement de peindre ce qu?il y a de plus evanescent, de plus changeant : un nuage, la composition atmospherique, le feuillage d?un arbre. On le qualifie souvent de paysagiste. Mais c'est oublier la presence humaine, celle du marcheur, voire du psychogeographe, et la figure en negatif qui habite malgre tout les toiles au format "portrait" L'ouvrage propose une traversee dans cet empire de la couleur, energique et structurante, quand d?autres toiles sont empreintes d'une profonde melancolie. Dans la guerre froide la revolte et son double La nouvelle revolte des artistes : autour de l'Internationale situationniste Boeknummer: 39505 | Prijs: EUR 85.00 In winkelwagen

Guillon-Laffaille, Fanny Raoul Dufy: Catalogue raisonne des aquarelles, gouaches et pastels. Volume 2 Paris: Louis Carre,, 1982. Hardcover with dusjacket, 437 pages with illustrations. col. & b/w pls. . Catalogue raisonne des aquarelles, gouaches et pastels. Volume 2 only Boeknummer: 50642 | Prijs: EUR 495.00 In winkelwagen

Herwig Todts / Bollen HENRI DE BRAEKELEER 1840-1888 catalogue raisonne NL /FR. Brussel, ludion / Ronny van de Velde, 2019. Hardcover, 325 x 245 mm, 440 pages; NL/ FR edition. ISBN: 9789493039261 Nieuwe kennismaking met een weerbarstig oeuvre In 1872 bezocht Vincent Van Gogh - toen nog een jonge medewerker van de kunsthandel Goupil & Cie - de grote driejaarlijkse zomertentoonstelling in Brussel. Hij werd er getroffen door drie "prachtige" schilderijen van de hand van Henri De Braekeleer. Van Gogh noemde zijn werk "curieus mooi", en de kunstenaar "een fameus kolorist" die "niet bang is voor een franke techniek" en die "rigoureus analyseert - Manet-achtig, althans even oorspronkelijk als Manet". Van Goghs grote belangstelling voor de kunstenaar is tekenend voor de houding van de avant-garde. Zij herkende in De Braekeleer een voorloper die zich van de klassieke artistieke conventies wist te bevrijden. Vandaag is er nood aan een hernieuwde kennismaking met De Braekeleer, die in het verleden vaak eenzijdig werd voorgesteld als een miskend genie. Het Musée Rops in Namen brengt deze herfst de eerste retrospectieve over De Braekeleer sinds 1988 en toont naast een reeks klassiekers ook onbekend werk uit het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerpen, de Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België in Brussel, het Musée des Beaux-Arts in Tournai en verschillende privéverzamelingen. Herwig Todts is kunsthistoricus en is verbonden aan het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerpen. Hij organiseert tentoonstellingen, zowel in het museum in Antwerpen als op andere locaties, en publiceert over negentiende- en twintigste-eeuwse kunst. Het oeuvre van James Ensor is zijn belangrijkste onderzoeksgebied. /// / //// / / / Nouvelle connaissance d'une ?uvre obstinée En 1872, Vincent Van Gogh - alors jeune employé de la concession d?art Goupil & Cie - visita la grande exposition estivale de trois ans à Bruxelles. Il a été frappé par trois "belles" peintures de Henri De Braekeleer. Van Gogh a qualifié son travail de "curieusement belle" et l'artiste "de coloriste célèbre" qui "n'a pas peur d'une technique franche" et qui "analyse de manière rigoureuse - à la Manet, au moins aussi originale que Manet". Le grand intérêt de Van Gogh pour l'artiste est caractéristique de l'attitude de l'avant-garde. Dans De Braekeleer, elle a reconnu un précurseur qui a réussi à se libérer des conventions artistiques classiques. Il faut aujourd'hui renouer connaissance avec De Braekeleer, qui, dans le passé, a souvent été présenté unilatéralement comme un génie incompris. Cet automne, le musée Rops de Namur présentera la première rétrospective de De Braekeleer depuis 1988 et présentera non seulement une série de classiques mais également des ?uvres inconnues du musée royal des beaux-arts d'Anvers, des musées royaux des beaux-arts de Belgique à Bruxelles, du musée des Beaux. -Arts à Tournai et diverses collections privées. Herwig Todts est un historien de l'art et est affilié au Musée royal des beaux-arts d'Anvers. Il organise des expositions, à la fois au musée d'Anvers et ailleurs, et publie sur l'art des XIXe et XXe siècles. L'?uvre de James Ensor est son domaine de recherche le plus important. Boeknummer: 52965 | Prijs: EUR 59.90 In winkelwagen

Iwona Blazwick, Simon Wilson Tate modern handbook Tate Publishing, 2001. 1. Paperback, 245 pages, ENG, 270 x 210 mm, in good condition, ill. in colour / b/w. ISBN: 9781854373120 catalogue Boeknummer: 61134 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Jan W. van den Noort Louis-Adolphe Hervier 1817- 1879: Biographie et Catalogue de l'?uvre gravé Benjamin / Beserik, 2023. 488 pp Hardcover with dusjacket, 488 pages, Texte en Francais, Illustrations en couleurs en noir & blanc nombreuses illustrations dans et hors texte. L??uvre de Louis-Adolphe Hervier se caractérise par un goût marqué et un immense respect pour la vie des gens du peuple, des paysans et des pêcheurs. Les eaux-fortes et lithographies de ce peintre et graveur constituent, dans le domaine des arts graphiques français du XIXe siècle, une contribution importante et sont d?une réelle qualité. Néanmoins, en dehors d?un cercle restreint de spécialistes et de collectionneurs, Hervier a été, jusqu?à présent, négligé. En dehors de son ?uvre, Hervier n?a guère laissé de traces, et l?on sait peu de choses sur sa vie. Cependant, ses inscriptions et annotations de dates et de lieux sur ses innombrables dessins permettent de se faire une idée de son existence. De nombreuses feuilles sont reproduites ici afin d?enrichir la biographie de l?artiste. Jan Willem van den Noort a consacré de nombreuses années de sa vie à Louis-Adolphe Hervier. Le fruit de ses recherches est publié dans le présent ouvrage pour la première fois. Le catalogue illustré de 237 eaux-fortes et lithographies enrichit ainsi le corpus de l?artiste de plus de 70 estampes inédites. The work of the painter and printmaker Louis-Adolphe Hervier is characterised by his love and respect for the life of the common people, peasants and fishermen. In the field of nineteenth century French graphic arts, his etchings and lithographs are significant and of real quality. Yet, outside the circle of specialists and collectors, Hervier has ? until now ? been neglected. Apart from his work, Hervier hardly left any traces, and little is known of Hervier?s life. However, his annotations, the dates and locations on his countless drawings and watercolours, do provide some insight into his existence. Many of these are used in this book to illustrate his biography. Jan Willem van den Noort has spent many years researching Hervier?s graphic work. His findings and insights are published in this book. The illustrated catalogue of 237 etchings and lithographs adds more than 70 prints to the previous total. Boeknummer: 63623 | Prijs: EUR 195.00 In winkelwagen

Jean Auguste Dominique Die Bildniszeichnungen Von J. A. D. Ingres Portrait Drawings 5 volumes; Catalogue Raisonne Catalog Raisonne Complete Works Leben Werk Oeuvre Katalog Kritischem Oeuvrekatalog Jean Auguste Dominique; Benteli Verlag, 1977- 1980. Hardcover with dusjackets, 5 volumes; Text in German. Volume 1: 588 pages; Volume 2: 590 pages; Volume 3: 550 pages; Volume 4: 470 pages; Volume 5: 550 pages. very richly illustrated with illustrations. ISBN: 3716501220 Good copy. Boeknummer: 52510 | Prijs: EUR 650.00 In winkelwagen

Jochai Rosen Jacob Duck Catalogue Raisonne (c.1600-1667) University of Haifa, 2017. Hardcover with dustjacket, 294 pp., 120 bl/wh ills. + 151 full color ills. ISBN: 9789027249685 The painter Jacob Duck (c.1600-1667) was active mainly in Utrecht, and his rise to success and recognition paralleled the phenomenon known as the Dutch Golden Age. His style of painting is a unique blend of the humor and eroticism found in the works of the Utrecht Caravaggisti with that of the Haarlem painters of Merry Company scenes. He painted mainly genre themes and was a central contributor to the rise and assimilation of both the Guardroom and the Brothel Scene. His paintings are striking due to their high level of theatricality, humor and sexual innuendo, traits he bestowed upon the following generation of Dutch genre painting. This book is the first ever monograph study of Jacob Duck and includes a complete critical catalogue of all his known works of art. Boeknummer: 50043 | Prijs: EUR 230.00 In winkelwagen

Joé Lopez-Rey Velazquez. Le peintre des peintres + Catalogue raisonné en 2 Volumes Taschen/Wildenstein Institute, 1996. Hardcover/ dusjacket /slipcase /Couverture reliee sous jaquette, IN-4, dans l'emboîtage d'origine. Photographies et illustrations en couleurs et en noir & blanc. tres bon etat. ISBN: 9783822887318 2 volumes; Volume 1): Le peintre des peintres. 261 pp. Volume 2): Catalogue raisonné. 328 pp. Boeknummer: 56938 | Prijs: EUR 125.00 In winkelwagen

José López-Rey ; Elizabeth Servan-Schreiber Velásquez : artiste et créateur : avec un Catalogue Raisonné de son oeuvre intégral. Bibliothèque des Arts, 1981. Hardcover, 557 pages, FR., 290 x 230 x 45 mm, NOUVEAU !!, jaquette illustrée, beaucoup illustrations en couleur / n/b, dans une cassette en carton ISBN: 9782850470165 The complete Velázquez in one volume. All the paintings are reproduced with detailed explanations. The text contains biographical data, including references to contemporary sources and re-evaluated historical documents. A register of his work with scholarly analysis is also included. // L'intégrale de Velázquez en un volume. Toutes les peintures sont reproduites avec des explications détaillées. Le texte contient des données biographiques, y compris des références à des sources contemporaines et des documents historiques réévalués. Un registre de son travail avec une analyse savante est également inclus. Boeknummer: 58252 | Prijs: EUR 49.99 In winkelwagen

Kultzen, Rolf, Translated and edited by Diane L. Webb. Michael Sweerts (1618-1664): a full catalogue raisonnee, Aetas Aurea, Vol. XII, 1996. Cloth bound with dusjacket, as new !! 1996. 4to. 184 pp. text includ. a full catalogue raisonnee, 31 colorplts., 230 ills. on 187 plts. in b/w. ISBN: 9070288168 The long-neglected seventeenth-century Flemish artist Michael Sweerts has been described by art historians as an "enigmatic Dutch Le Nain". Nothing is known about him from the time of his birth in Brussels until his arrival in Rome at the age of twenty-eight. This book traces Sweerts' artistic development: his years in Rome, his return to Brussels to found a drawing academy, his subsequent move to Amsterdam, and finally his decision, towards the end of his life, to join a French missionary society and travel to the Far East.Sweerts' idiosyncratic methods reveal a continual struggle to reconcile the academic principles he so willingly adopted with the Dutch art of his Netherlandish contemporaries in Rome, especially the Bamboccianti. He seems to have been constantly influenced by French art as well, in particular by the Le Nain school. After his return to Brussels, elements typical of Flemish portraiture can be seen in his work, and his subsequent stay in Holland exposed him to contemporary Dutch tastes in portrait painting, to which he increasingly devoted himself. In later years his religious fervour hampered his ability to function in society and perhaps had an adverse effect on his artistic output as well. His constant vacillation between accepted schools - academicism versus genre painting, for example - eventually led him to develop an eclectic but alluring style which was all his own. Boeknummer: 15138 | Prijs: EUR 159.00 In winkelwagen

Lawrence Saphire. Fernand Mourlot Fernand Leger Complete Graphic Work / catalogue raisonne. Blue Moon Press 1978. Hardcover with dusjacket. 320 pages, 25 x 32.3 cm. 2,3 kg. text in English. one of 1750 numbered copies, Fernand Léger is known for his Cubist paintings and his representational works of the mechanical period. This catalogue raisonné is an excellent and unique work of reference which shows his entire graphic oeuvre. Boeknummer: 53183 | Prijs: EUR 175.00 In winkelwagen

Lawrence W. Nichols. THE PAINTINGS OF HENDRICK GOLTZIUS (1558 - 1617) A Monograph and Catalogue Raisonne. Davaco, 2013. Cloth bound with dust jacket, 4to. 466 pp. text, 207 plates and ills. (145 in colour). Fine condition! ISBN: 9789070288281 This long-awaited volume is a comprehensive study of the paintings of Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617), the most important artist in the Netherlands at the turn of the seventeenth century. A poem published in Haarlem in 1617 lamented the death that year of the most artful master Hendrick Goltzius, in his life [a] skillful painter, draftsman, and artful engraver. The fact that "painter" heads the list of his accomplishments is significant, for although Goltzius enjoyed international fame as a draughtsman and engraver, to his contemporaries he was equally renowned for his skill in the art of painting, which was considered the highest artistic calling. This volume on his paintings, the first since Hirschmann's short study of 1916, finally completes a full assessment of this artist of Haarlem, whose drawings were the subject of Reznicek's publication of 1961 and whose prints were catalogued by Leesberg in the New Hollstein series that appeared in 2012. Goltzius abandoned his engraver's burin and turned to painting in the year 1600. Exploring the new medium, he worked on small coppers, as well as large canvases and panels. Goltzius's determination to work in oil, after acquiring international fame as a printmaker, was a deliberate decision to embrace an even greater challenge and to seek greater recognition for his artistry. Although archival records show that Goltzius painted more portraits than has previously been assumed, it was the depiction of the human nude that was his primary goal. He mostly chose to paint biblical and mythological themes: the same subject matter, in fact, that he had treated in his engraved histories. The difference, however, was that Goltzius now began to paint figures that were nearly life-size. His manner of depicting figures may be considered an extension of what he had learned during his stay in Rome (1590-91) and subsequently pursued in his prints of the 1590s. Only rarely are traces of his Spranger-inspired, anti-classical past encountered in his paintings. Instead, Goltzius strove with his brush to portray human forms at once idealized and naturalistic. His points of departure were antique Roman sculpture, the sixteenth-century masters - Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Veronese, Durer, and Van Heemskerck - and Rubens, his contemporary. Four chapters are dedicated to a consideration of the reasons for Goltzius's conversion to painting, his biography in the years 1600 to 1617, an examination of the style and iconography of his works in oil, and a thorough review of the critical appraisal of his paintings from his day to the present. The extensive catalogue discusses 59 paintings by Goltzius, and also includes 160 pictures known only from descriptions and 38 rejected works. A lengthy appendix - the result of extensive archival research - includes, in the original language, all known sources that mention Goltzius and every known inventory listing of his paintings.The catalogue of accepted works is ordered iconographically, whereas the color plates of Goltzius's entire extant oeuvre are arranged in chronological order, visually demonstrating the development of his career as a painter. In addition to the color plates, 121 black-and-white figures provide material for comparison. A complete bibliography and three indexes enhance the accessibility and usefulness of this volume. Boeknummer: 40407 | Prijs: EUR 130.00 In winkelwagen

Marlier, Georges; Pierre Coeck D'Alost La Renaissance Flamande Pierre Coeck D'Alost, Catalog Raisonné, Complete Works Editions Robert Finck, 1966. Hardcover with dusjacket, slipcase, 31 x 24 cm, 425 pages with black/white illustrations. Tres bon etat. La Renaissance Flamande ( the Flemish Renaissance): Pierre Coeck D'Alost Catalogue Raisonne, Complete Works, La Vie Et L'Oeuvre, Oeuvre Raisonnee. Boeknummer: 54661 | Prijs: EUR 575.00 In winkelwagen

Pamela Fowler, Piet Bakker Carel de Moor 1655-1738 His Life and Work. A Catalogue Raisonné Primavera Pers, 2024. Hardcover, 352 PAGES ., ca. 400 ill. in color. 29 x 25.3cm. ISBN: 9789059973930 Carel de Moor (1655?1738). His Life and Work, a monograph and ?uvre catalogue, is the first scholarly study of one of the most important Dutch portrait painters of his time. The book includes a comprehensive biography, which explores Carel de Moor?s life and multi-faceted career within the context of the economic, political, and social history of the Dutch Republic. As a result of the authors? thorough investigation of De Moor?s client networks, several hitherto unknown sitters have now been identified; other sitters have been provided with new identities. The Catalogue Raisonné, arranged chronologically within the categories of portraits, history, pastoral scenes, genre and still life, allows us to view De Moor?s ?uvre in its totality, to compare his work with that of his predecessors and contemporaries, and to evaluate the development of his artistic style. Given that De Moor's career mostly took place in the eighteenth century, this publication also adds significantly to the corpus of studies of Netherlandish art produced between 1680 and 1750 ? a period largely ignored by art historians. As De Moor?s work convincingly demonstrates, this lack of interest is entirely unjustified Boeknummer: 63390 | Prijs: EUR 89.99 In winkelwagen

Raskin, Ludo. Henri Van Straten Oeuvre catalogus schilderijen / tekeningen - catalogue de l'oevre peintre / dessin - catalogue of paintings / Drawings BE -, Pandora, 2015. Gebonden, Hardcover, 207 pagina's , illustraties in kleur, catalogue raisonne ISBN: 9789053253892 Na de oeuvrecatalogus van het houtsnijwerk heeft Ludo Raskin, uitgegeven bij Pandora in 2002, nu alle tekeningen en schilderijen van Henri Van Straten voor het eerst samengebracht in een nieuwe uitgave. Henri van Straten is vooral gekend als houtsnijder. Hij was de vaste boekillustrator van Willem Elsschot en vormde, met Masereel, Jan-Frans en Jozef Cantre en Minne, de bekende Vijf, die na W.O.I de Vlaamse houtsnijkunst renoveerden. Henri van Straten was echter ook een begenadigd tekenaar en schilder, dit boek brengt dit minder gekende aspect van deze kunstenaar. Oeuvre catalogus schilderijen / tekeningen - catalogue de l'oevre peintre / dessin - -catalogue of paintings / Drawings and Boeknummer: 47705 | Prijs: EUR 49.00 In winkelwagen

ROETHEL, HANS K. / BENJAMIN, JEAN K Kandinsky. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings 2 volumes 1900- 1944 London, .Landshoff / Sotheby, 1982. Hardcover with dusjacket, 1175 pages. Volume one+ two. With 1150 illustrations of which some 200 in colour. ISBN: 9029081627 VOLUME 1. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings 1900- 1915.+ VOLUME 2. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings 1916- 1944. Boeknummer: 62836 | Prijs: EUR 550.00 In winkelwagen

ROETHEL, HANS K. / BENJAMIN, JEAN K Kandinsky. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings Volume one 1900-1915 London, .Landshoff / Sotheby, 1982. Hardcover with dusjacket, 558 pp. Volume one.. With 575 illustrations of which some 100 in colour. ISBN: 9029081627 VOLUME 1. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings 1900- 1915. Boeknummer: 62835 | Prijs: EUR 275.00 In winkelwagen

ROETHEL, HANS K. / BENJAMIN, JEAN K Kandinsky. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings Volume two 1916 - 1944 London, .Landshoff / Sotheby, 1984. Hardcover with dusjacket, 560 pp. Volume two of two. (this volume is from page 567 till 1117). With 575 illustrations of which some 100 in colour. ISBN: 9029084227 VOLUME 2. Catalogue raisonné of the oil-paintings 1916 - 1944. Boeknummer: 62834 | Prijs: EUR 275.00 In winkelwagen

ROUIR, Eugene; Armand Rassenfosse RASSENFOSSE 1862 - 1934. Armand Rassenfosse. Catalogue Raisonne De L'Oeuvre Grave Bruxelles, Van Loock, 1984. Relie, hardcover, couverture illustree, frontispice, 175 x 255mm., 152 pages illustree, bon etat. Boeknummer: 52164 | Prijs: EUR 195.00 In winkelwagen

STAEL FRANCOISE DE NICOLAS DE STAËL CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ OF THE PAINTINGS. FR, Ides et Calendes, 2021. Hardcover 650 pages, Illustrated. 257x 308x 60 mm. Text in English. ISBN: 9782825802939 Nicolas de Staël. Catalogue raisonne of the Paintings. Revue et augmentée par Marie du Bouchet et Gustave de Staël, cette nouvelle édition reprend la version épuisée de 1997 parue aux éditions Ides et Calendes, en la renouvelant avec des notices enrichies des nombreuses expositions, livres et ventes d'oeuvres qui ont fait vivre la peinture de Nicolas de Staël depuis lors. Cette nouvelle édition tant attendue du catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre peint de Nicolas de Staël est la troisième depuis 1968, établie alors par la veuve du peintre, Françoise de Staël disparue en 2012. Revue et augmentée par Marie du Bouchet et Gustave de Staël, elle reprend la version épuisée de 1997 parue aux éditions Ides et Calendes, en la renouvelant avec des notices enrichies des nombreuses expositions, livres et ventes d'oeuvres qui ont fait vivre la peinture de Nicolas de Staëll depuis lors. Un long travail de recherche a permis, grâce aux Collectionneurs, Maisons de vente, Galeries et Musées, de rassembler un très grand nombre de reproductions en couleur. Nous sommes donc particulièrement heureux aujourd'hui de pouvoir publier pour la première fois un catalogue raisonné tout en couleur. Le corpus de l'oeuvre est composé aujourd'hui de 1120 tableaux. Dix-neuf tableaux ont été ajoutés, dont 7 qui ont été reconnus depuis 1997 comme étant de la main de Nicolas de Staël et 7 esquisses qui étaient déjà intégrées dans le premier catalogue raisonné en 1968, puis retirées par Françoise de Staël dans l'édition de 1997. Il a été décidé de les réintégrer afin de réaliser un catalogue exhaustif de l'oeuvre. Pour la première fois également, ce catalogue raisonné paraît en langue anglaise, ce qui permet de refléter la présence internationale de l'oeuvre. Un grand nombre de peintures étant conservées dans les collections privées ou muséales américaines et britanniques, le choix de l'anglais pour cette publication nous a paru évident. Les textes qui font partie des écrits fondateurs de l'oeuvre de Nicolas de Staël, tels que celui d'André Chastel, de Roger van Gindertael, de Germain Viatte ou d'Anne de Staël seront donc accessibles aux lecteurs amateurs et collectionneurs étrangers. Nous sommes reconnaissants à Madame Eliza Rathbone (spécialiste reconnue de l'oeuvre du peintre) d'avoir rédigé une introduction qui retrace avec grande précision l'histoire de la renommée de Nicolas de Staël aux Etats-Unis. Ce Catalogue raisonné des peintures fait écho au " Catalogue raisonné des oeuvres sur papier " parue en 2013 aux Editions Ides et Calendes. Boeknummer: 56552 | Prijs: EUR 155.00 In winkelwagen

Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, and Horst Vey Van Dyck - A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings. Catalogue raisonne. Sir Anthony Van Dyck Yale University, 2004. Hardcover in dusjacket, 792pp, 632 b/w + 202 color illus. catalogue raissone. ISBN: 9780300099287 Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) is among the greatest portrait painters of all time. The 1990s opened and closed with major exhibitions devoted to his work, and now the long-awaited catalogue raisonne of his painted oeuvre is complete. A native of Antwerp, Van Dyck also lived and worked for long periods in Italy and England, where his brief, productive life ended. He is best known for his work at the court of Charles I. His full-length portraits of aristocrats in the Caroline court and in Genoa, Antwerp, Brussels, and The Hague influenced the history of Western portraiture into the twentieth century in the work of John Singer Sargent. Handsomely designed and illustrated, the volume includes a reproduction of every known authentic painting by the artist as well as the provenance and the significant facts and literature on each. This catalogue raisonne is, fittingly, the collaborative work of an international team devoted to the study of this major international artist. Susan J. Barnes, an independent art historian, co-curated a Van Dyck exhibit in Washington, D.C., 1990. Nora De Poorter is director of the Rubenianum, Antwerp. Oliver Millar, Surveyor Emeritus of The Queen?s Pictures, organized an exhibition of Van Dyck?s English work at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 1982-83. Horst Vey, former director of the Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe, is author of the standard work on Van Dyck's drawings. Boeknummer: 46896 | Prijs: EUR 149.90 In winkelwagen

Susan J. Barnes; Nora de Poorter Van Dyck, a complete catalogue of the paintings catalogue raisonne Sir Anthony Van Dyck ENG. edition YALE, 2004. Hardcover, 692 pages, English, 320 x 260 mm, fine. 632 b/w + 202 color illus. catalogue raisonne. FINE!! ISBN: 9780300099287 Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) is among the greatest portrait painters of all time. The 1990s opened and closed with major exhibitions devoted to his work, and now the long-awaited catalogue raisonne of his painted oeuvre is complete. A native of Antwerp, Van Dyck also lived and worked for long periods in Italy and England, where his brief, productive life ended. He is best known for his work at the court of Charles I. His full-length portraits of aristocrats in the Caroline court and in Genoa, Antwerp, Brussels, and The Hague influenced the history of Western portraiture into the twentieth century in the work of John Singer Sargent. Handsomely designed and illustrated, the volume includes a reproduction of every known authentic painting by the artist as well as the provenance and the significant facts and literature on each. This catalogue raisonne is, fittingly, the collaborative work of an international team devoted to the study of this major international artist. Susan J. Barnes, an independent art historian, co-curated a Van Dyck exhibit in Washington, D.C., 1990. Nora De Poorter is director of the Rubenianum, Antwerp. Oliver Millar, Surveyor Emeritus of The Queen?s Pictures, organized an exhibition of Van Dyck?s English work at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 1982?83. Horst Vey, former director of the Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe, is author of the standard work on Van Dyck?s drawings. Boeknummer: 54887 | Prijs: EUR 149.00 In winkelwagen

Thomas Bräniger O-Luce di Giuseppe Ostuni: A Catalogue Raisonné (2 volumes) O-LUCE Lumi Press, 2021. hardcovers, 2 volumes, 480 pages 642 illustrations + 612 pages, 736 illustrations, 29,5 x 29,5 cm. text in German / English. Ostuni's passion for light and lighting, coupled with his desire to make good lighting affordable for everyone, has resulted in the most beautiful lighting units, presented here in their entirety for the first time. Volume 1 paints a comprehensive picture of O-Luce?s company history and takes a look at the life story of its founder, Giuseppe Ostuni. Originally from Trieste, he founded his company O-Luce in Milan at the age of 40 and went on to become a pioneer of innovative, modern lighting units. Ostuni?s brother Angelo, together with Franco Buzzi, were the first to make O-Luce known beyond the borders of Italy and were key in shaping light design in the early 1950s. New materials, such as Perspex and industrial glass, or new light source technologies such as the Cornalux or halogen light, had a decisive influence on the design of modern lighting and here too Ostuni and his young designers, above all Tito Agnoli, Joe Colombo and Bruno Gecchelin, were at the forefront of lighting design. Volume 2 presents all the sources and historical evidence on which the catalogue raisonné is based. After a detailed overview of Ostuni?s systematics, Biographies introduces the most important of his designers. The main body of the second volume is comprised of the catalogue raisonné, which is divided into four sections: wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps, containing a total of over 560 lamps. Each lighting unit is described with its model number, designer, year of design, materials, dimensions and ? in those cases in which they were published ? bibliographical details. Volume 2 also contains a critical chronological overview of those O-Luce lighting units published in specialised literature, magazines and catalogues at the time. A selected bibliography and a comprehensive index of the relevant figures mentioned concludes the second volume. Boeknummer: 57029 | Prijs: EUR 275.00 In winkelwagen

Virginia Button The Turner Prize Twenty Years Tate Gallery, 2003. 2 ed.. Paperback, 204 pages, ENG, 270 x 210 mm, in good condition, ill. in colour / b/w. ISBN: 9781854375124 The year 2003 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Turner Prize. This book offers an opportunity to look back over the history of the prize and all the artists that have taken part in the competition, including those shortlisted for 2003. Boeknummer: 61124 | Prijs: EUR 20.00 In winkelwagen

Wildenstein Daniel. Maithe Valles-Bled; Wildenstein Institute / Godelieve de Vlaminck, Guy Loudmer Maurice De Vlaminck : Catalogue critique des peintures et ceramiques de la periode fauve, edition bilingue francais-anglais Wildenstein Institute / Bibliotheque des Arts, 2008. Hardcover with dusjacket / Couverture reliee sous jaquette, 600 pages, illustre, 26,2 x 31,8 cm Texte en Francais et English. Tres belle exemplaire. ISBN: 9782908063158 Catalogue critique des peintures et ceramiques de la periode fauve. Critical Catalogue of Fauve Paintings and Ceramics."La publication de ce premier volume, consacre a la periode fauve, doit permettre de restituer a Vlaminck la part essentielle et determinante qu'il prit dans l'avant garde du debut du XXeme siecle. Il comprend 211 peintures -auxquelles s'ajoute la production de ceramiques realisee en collabration avec le potier d'Asnieres Andre Metthey. // Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958) would exploit for a time successfully Post-impressionism but moved than to Fauvism, of which he and his friends Marquet, Matisse, Puy and Manguin were influential pioneers. By the lecture of this book, the reader can discover the earliest paintings of Vlamnick and recognize the ground-breaking role that he played, for he was never a follower and has his own place in the origin of Fauvism. The first set covers the works of Vlaminck's Youth and pre-Fauve years, up till 1904. The second set covers the works painted during most of 1905, which together exhibit an approach that never ceases to be experimental. A third set of pictures is represented by those from the end of 1905 until towards the end of 1906. Finally, a fourth group is represented by the works painted between winter 1906-07 and the end of 1907, in which a progressive distancing from strong colour is noted. Boeknummer: 52123 | Prijs: EUR 150.00 In winkelwagen

WILDENSTEIN, Daniel; Agnes Lacau St Guily, Marie-Christine Decroocq. Odilon Redon. Catalogue Raisonne De L'Oeuvre Peint Et Dessine 4 volumes. Wildenstein Institut et Bibliotheque des Arts, Paris et Lausanne], 1998. Hardcovers with dusjackets, 4 volumes, Reliure editeur cartonnee pleine toile sous jaquette illustree. 34,5 x 29 cm, TOME 1 : 342 pages , 29 plates. couleurs, 729 fig. noir et blanc. TOME 2 : 384 pages , 71 plates. couleurs, 606 fig. noir et blanc -- TOME 3 : 419 pages., 103 plates couleurs, 627 fig. noir et blanc. -- TOME 4 : 433 pages avec 60 planches couleurs et 698 figures noir et blanc. / Texte en Francais / Tres belle exemplaire !. ISBN: 9782908063127 Odilon REDON (1840-1916) consacre une part aussi belle au fusain et au pastel qu?a la peinture et au crayon. Au noir et a l'obscurite correspondent des sujets empreints d?un fantastique visionnaire aux accents funebres ; a la couleur et a la lumiere repondent les themes symbolistes, les paysages, la longue serie des vases de fleurs et les grandes decorations. Redon datait peu ses ?uvres, une division en themes et sujets a donc ete retenue pour le classement et l?analyse de l'oeuvre peint et dessine (2657 numeros) repertorie en quatre volumes, chacun accompagne de plusieurs index Boeknummer: 52122 | Prijs: EUR 500.00 In winkelwagen

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