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Primitive art

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C. Fryklund; Flemish Wall Painting Late Gothic Wall Painting in the Southern Netherlands Turnhout, Brepols, 2011. Hardback, IV 435 p., 454 b/w ill. 80 colour ill., ills., 220 x 280 mm. ISBN: 9782503512372 The present book considers the development of figurative wall painting in the southern Low Countries over a period of two centuries, between circa 1300 and 1500. The region had a long-standing tradition of monumental figurative painting, of which the earliest, romanesque, examples are still preserved at Tournai and Ghent. Despite the central role that figurative wall painting clearly continued to play in the art, propaganda, and liturgy of the courts and churches of the late medieval southern Low Countries, the medium has been largely overlooked in comparison with the attention paid by art historians to other contemporary art forms. A variety of factors have contributed to this neglect, of which the most significant are undoubtedly the random survival, and the often damaged condition, of extant wall paintings, as well as the frequently remote locations and difficulty of access to the buildings housing them. Benign neglect and active vandalism have ensured that only a fraction of the great wall painting ensembles of the late medieval era have survived. Today, only fifty or so individual murals or ensembles of the Late Gothic period -not including a large number of tomb paintings -once in the churches and monasteries, town halls and guild chapels, castles and hotels of the southern Low Countries, have survived the passage of time, wars, iconoclasm, and changing fashions of interior decoration. These include many previously unrecorded wall paintings discovered beneath layers of whitewash in churches and private residences within the last twenty-five years or so, and restored by conservation staff. New book. Booknumber: 32410 | Price: EUR 120.00 Add to cart

Gaye Sculthorpe, John Carty, Howard Morphy ea Indigenous Australia. Enduring Civilisation [UK] British Museum, 2015. Hardback, 250x220mm, 272p, 250 colour illustrations, English edition . ISBN: 9780714126944 Expo: 23/4/2015 - 2/8/2015, British Museum, London This extraordinary selection of objects showcases the beauty and knowledge embodied in works of art and everyday life from Indigenous Australia. Published to accompany the first major UK exhibition on Indigenous Australia, this ground breaking new publication explores the profound impact and legacy of colonialism, the nature of collecting and the changing meaning of objects now in the collection of the British Museum. The encounters between Indigenous peoples and colonists were complex and nuanced, and contemporary Australian society is still dealing with this legacy, trying to transform or reconcile different worldviews. Booknumber: 46737 | Price: EUR 49.95 Add to cart

Giovanna Damiani & Nicolas Sainte Fare Garnot Auteurs: Marilena Tamassia, Ginevra Utari, Lia Brunori, Giovanni Serafini, Fra Angelico et les Maitres de la lumiere Mercatorfonds- fondsmercator, 2011. Couverture reliee sous jaquette , 28x 24cm, 240pp bon etat !! text French. ISBN: 9789061533283 Publie a l'occasion de l'exposition "Fra Angelico et les Maitres de la lumiere" ?Ľ, ce livre reunit pres de vingt-cinq oeuvres du peintre dominicain et autant de panneaux realises par les artistes prestigieux qui l'ont cotoye, comme Lorenzo Monaco, Masolino, Paolo Uccello ou Zanobi Strozzi. Il restitue ainsi l'effervescence culturelle qui regnait a Florence au debut du XVe siecle et souligne le role central qui fut celui de Fra Angelico sur la scene artistique de son temps. Des ors etincelants du style gothique a la revolution naissante de la perspective, cet ouvrage richement illustre evoque les multiples facettes de Fra Angelico, en revisitant l'oeuvre de cette figure majeure de la premiere Renaissance florentine et de ses illustres contemporains. Booknumber: 30728 | Price: EUR 44.00 Add to cart

Hrsg. Christian Kaufmann und Oliver Wick Nukuoro. Sculptures from Micronesia. Munchen, 2013., Hirmer / Fonation Beyeler. 280 Seiten, 258 Abbildungen in Farbe und 50 in Schwarz-Weiss, 24,5 x 30,5 cm, gebunden. ISBN: 9783777420288 Die Holzskulpturen vom Nukuoro-Atoll Mikronesiens gehoren weltweit zu den bekanntesten Objekten ozeanischer Kunst. Sechzehn Skulpturen, die anlasslich einer Tagung der Fondation Beyeler zusammengefuhrt worden waren, dokumentiert der Band detailreich und erschliesst mit Vergleichsabbildungen eine einzigartige Kunsttradition, die auf polynesische Einflusse zuruckgeht. Die Holzskulpturen, die auch als Tino aitu bezeichnet werden, begeistern mit ihrer klaren, minimalistischen Darstellung des menschlichen Korpers Sammler und Betrachter auf der ganzen Welt. Anlasslich der Ausstellung Bildwelten war es erstmals gelungen, annahernd die Halfte des bekannten Corpus an Skulpturen im Original zu vergleichen und neu zu betrachten. Detailreiche Fotografien, fundierte Kommentare der Autoren, die erstmals die uberwiegend deutschsprachigen Quellentexte in englischer Ubersetzung in einen globalen Zusammenhang stellen, und eine Art Werkverzeichnis machen diesen Band zu einer aussergewohnlichen Begleitpublikation zu einer aussergewohnlichen Kunst. Booknumber: 43476 | Price: EUR 49.90 Add to cart

I. Vandevivere; La cathedrale de Palencia. L'eglise paroissiale de Cervera de Pisuerga, Corpus of 15th-Century Painting in the Former Southern Netherlands Turnhout, Brepols, 1967. Hardback, 133 p., + 238 pl., 230 x 290 mm. 133 p., + 238 pl., 230 x 290 mm, Languages: French ISBN: 13010100100 Languages: French. Corpus of 15th-Century Painting in the Former Southern Netherlands (CVP 10) La cathedrale de Palencia L'eglise paroissiale de Cervera de Pisuerga. Booknumber: 37181 | Price: EUR 44.00 Add to cart

N/A. De Amautik in de Inuitmaatschappij en -kunst. Gent, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Gent, 1984. softcover,, ongepag. (ca. 40pp), 21x29.5cm., ills. in kleur en z/w., goed staat. Tentoonstellingscatalogus over Eskimokunst Booknumber: 39808 | Price: EUR 8.00 Add to cart

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