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Jacques Sťguťla Papa, maman, CitroŽn 100 years of CitroŽn advertising Paris, Flammarion, 2019.. softcover, 244 pages - 193 x 248 mm - Couleur - Reliure intťgra . ENGLISH . This book is a biopic, the true novel of a brand above brands and a man above men. Andrť CitroŽn invented almost everything, advertising: promotion, credit, PR, events, caravans, raids, not to mention the first car ad, the first female ad, the first aerial ad. He wanted the first three words spoken by any child to be "dad, mom, auto". The public will change its slogan to "dad, mom, CitroŽn". Is there a more beautiful tribute to a brand? It was my first budget, as much to say my first love; it still is, sixty years later. The mark of my life, my mark for life has written in its own way the most beautiful industrial and advertising pages of the last century, those where France amazed Europe and the world with its thirst for progress and its hunger for conquest. The adventure continues with the same passion for inventiveness and creativity that makes CitroŽn the favorite automobile brand of the French Jacques Sťguťla EUR 29.90 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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