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N/A. Wall decoration. Beijing, Rainbow Dekor, 2009.. Hardcover with dustjacket, 256pp., 22.5x29cm., illsutr. throughout in col., new. Text in English and Chinese. Rare! Wall, as an essential element in space design, not only serves as partition between human being and noisy outside, but the carrier of distinctive creations. Wall decoration, a special embodiment of designers unique life experience and aesthetic taste, has undergone great changes and evolved into diverse forms with the advancement of human civilization, for example, from the vivid picture created by our ancestors on the wall of the cave to the relieve fresco indicative of the endless desire for power, the Pompeii fresco featuring gorgeous colours and romantic sentiment in old Roman times to the modern ones full of personality.In addition, the materials used for wall decoration are diversified, from the crafted tapestry and ceramic tile in the past to wallpaper and paint prevalent in modern time, and also represent the special culture and custom of a certain country or religion. Take the wallpaper for an example. In German, it tends to be modern and simple in style; in UK, with profound neo-classical feature; in France and Italy, with romantic sentiment and of post-modernism; in America, of pure rural style.The book Wall Decoration is categorized into nine parts, Wall Paper, Wall Picture, Wall Painting, Wall Sticker, Paint, Wooden Decoration, Stone Decoration, Glass Decoration, and Mosaic, based on the different forms and materials in wall design. EUR 24.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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