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Serge Simonart VENEZIA, Serge Simonart Hannibal / Kannibaal, 2020.. Hardback with golden edges, HB, 240 x 163 mm, 192 pages, English edition. This love letter in photographs to the unique beauty and mystery of Venice is an evocative compilation of vintage photographs, prints, and ephemera. It is a tactile ode to the sensuality of the city, filled to the brim with all manner of Venetian memorabilia: 19th century photographs, engravings, hand-coloured magic lantern slides, vintage postcards, old luggage labels, keys from long-lost luxury hotels, golden ducats from the 18th century, Carnival ball invitations. With gilt-edged pages and antique Venetian lettering, it is not a travel or walking guide, but an atmospheric pilgrimage that pays homage to this ever-fascinating city. Serge Simonat's engaging commentary on Venetian history and culture introduces each subject with affection and insight. Every day, a nervous traveller visiting the City of Doges for the first time asks the best way to get to their hotel. 'The shortest or the most beautiful?', I once heard the concierge at Hotel Des Bains ask. The tourist who opted for the most beautiful route is still wandering around the city. This is a unique photobook in which to wander and lose oneself. - Serge Simonart EUR 39.90 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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