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Jacqueline Goossens - Tom Ronse NEW YORK Jacqueline Goossens - Tom Ronse Kannibaal- HANNIBAL, 2020.. Hardcover met zilver op snee, 240 x 163 mm, 240 pages,English edition
It is often said that you can't take the same walk twice in New York. Its history may be short compared to that of European cities, but it is also a history marked by lightning-fast change. This pictorial journey into the history of New York City starts from the small town that began as New Amsterdam in the 17th century, tracing the unbridled expansion of the 18th century and waves of mass immigration of the 19th and 20th centuries. The authors, both experienced NYC tour guides, explore iconic districts like Times Square, Harlem, Wall Street, Central Park, Ellis Island and the Bronx, bringing the past and people to life through engaging stories and images. An inspired selection of archival photos, prints, vintage maps, stereographs, and ephemera make this publication, with its elegant, gilt-edged finish, a fascinating visual homage to the vibrant city that is New York today. EUR 39.95 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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