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Wally Koval ACCIDENTALLY WES ANDERSON : POSTCARDS Orion (Hachette), 2022. 1.. Card Book, ENG, 26 postcards in colour, 160 x 115 mm, NEW, from different places in the world,. 26-POSTCARD SET featuring 26 full-colour photographs from the bestselling Accidentally Wes Anderson book, based on the Instagram phenomenon. FOR FANS OF WES ANDERSON and Wally Koval alike, these postcards pay homage to the director's unique style with photographs from the most interesting locations spotted all around the world. STURDY PAD-BOUND BOOK allows for easy browsing and detachment of each postcard individually. Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Book invited us to journey to more than 200 real-life "Andersonian" locations around the world. From the tasteful technicolour of the Venetian Lagoon to Hong Kong's Choi Hung Estate (aptly named after the word for "rainbow" in Cantonese), the collection is an irreverent reverie for the armchair traveller, drenched in nostalgia, whimsy and charm. Now wherever you are in the world - home or away - with this beautiful postcard set you can send a little piece of Wes Anderson's unique aesthetic to your loved ones, complete with your own 'wish you were here' note. EUR 15.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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