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Julius Samuel Held Rembrandt Studies Princeton University Press, 1991. 1.. Paperback, 212 pages, ENG, 250 x 190 x 23 mm, in very good condition, 177 illustrations in b/w, . This richly illustrated collection of essays represents the fruit of a life-long occupation with Rembrandt on the part of one of the foremost authorities on Dutch and Flemish art. Concentrating on either a single painting or an iconographically related group of paintings, Julius S. Held examines the processes, some perhaps even unconscious, that underlie Rembrandt's highly personal works. To his previously published essays--"Aristotle," "The "Polish' Rider," "Juno," "Rembrandt and the Book of Tobit," and "Rembrandt: Truth and Legend"--the author adds an essay on the theme of the Beggar, another one on subjects involving words spoken, and a new introduction discussing some current trends in Rembrandt criticism. EUR 35.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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