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Karisa Senavitis, KevinO'Neill Design, Design, Design, Design, Design the Poor Notice Notice, 2012. 1.. Paperback, 108 pages, ENG, 210 x 155 x 10 mm, front and backside have been wet in the past, rest of the book is as New, images in colour /b/w. Notice Notice, 2012. Design, Design, Design, Design, Design the Poor. The book presented the literal interpretation of seemingly innocuous communications as a source of truth, lessons in value along the silk road, architecture against poor women, Robin Hood appropriation, respect to the ghosts we walk all over every day in our developing cities, listening to the radio, and resurrection. Contributions from Peter Fend, Jana Leo, Temporary Services, Shillz da Realz, Jill Freedman, Chris Leo, Michèle Champagne, David N. Hartt, Freeman House. EUR 20.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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