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Arnauld Pierre, Aurelie Verdier, Beverley Calte, Camfield A., William, Candace Clements Francis Picabia. Catalogue Raisonne. Volume II (1915-1927) mercaterfonds - fondsmercator, 2016.. Hardcover, Hardback, 295x250mm, 496p, 625 bw and col. illustrations. English/ French edition . The second of an important multi-volume catalogue project, this publication features work by Francis Picabia (1879-1953) that dates from 1915 into mid-1927. Beginning with Picabia's elaboration of a personal machinist aesthetic, the book continues by looking at the artist's central role in the formulation of the Paris Dada movement. That irreverent movement included Picabia's increasingly provocative mechanomorphic compositions, complemented by his unorthodox writings and graphic designs as well as socially powerful performances. The volume finishes with a look at Picabia's creations of the mid-1920s, which included memorable collages and flamboyant figurative compositions known as the "monsters." This catalogue raisonne offers scholarly readings of his work by major authors EUR 149.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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