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Bernard Coulie, Nino Simonishvili (ed.) GEORGIA. A STORY OF ENCOUNTERS. Hannibal Books, 2023. 1.. PB+, 280 x 230 mm, 192 pages . ENG edition, with illustrations in color / b/w, NEW. First catalogue to offer an overview of Georgia's rich cultural history Thanks to its location between two continents, Georgia has traditionally formed a bridge between East and West. A Story of Encounters reflects the exceptional art, culture, and history of the country from the Neolithic to the eighteenth century. Especially in the ?golden age? of united Georgia, between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, the country experienced an unprecedented cultural and economic boom. This book shows how the turbulent history and the many exchanges along the major trade and silk routes at this crossroads of Europe and Asia resulted in an unimaginably rich heritage, which has remained largely unexposed until now. Refined goldsmith?s art from the Bronze Age, wine ? the country?s oldest cultural asset ? and original visual arts: Georgia offers many unexpected treasures, which are shown in detail for the first time. This book accompanies the exhibition Georgia: A Story of Encounters, which runs at the Art & History Museum in Brussels from 27 October 2023 to 18 February 2024, and is part of the Europalia arts festival. EUR 39.50 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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