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De Kooning, Mil. LUCIEN ENGELS, oeuvre catalogus. Lucien Engels First Edition. aa50 / Vlees & beton 26-27, 1995.. Softcover, 124 pages, very richly illustrated with illustrations, 28x23cm, FINE and very RARE !. First Edition, Vlees en beton. -vol. 26- 27 For a long time, Lucien Engels (1928) was a well-kept secret in the history of Belgian architecture. His oeuvre was unknown until it was discovered at the end of the twentieth century, long after his retirement as an architect. This book presents a wide selection of houses, public buildings, furniture and paintings by the dissident modernist Lucien Engels, whose work has since become a bestseller on the international design market. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, with a long monographic with texts by Mil De Kooning, this book provides an entrance to the wonderful world of one the most sincere and surprising exponents of modern Belgian architecture. EUR 95.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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