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Cy Twombly, Laszlo Glozer Cy Twombly : Photographs 1951-2007 Schirmer Mosel, 2008. 2de.. Hardcover, 261 pages , ENG / GER, 330 x 255 x 35 mm, dustjacket, as New / wie Neu, illustrated in colours / illustrationen in Farbe. Ever since his student days, Cy Twombly has concerned himself with photography, but only in recent years has he turned it into a unique artistic concept- and an aesthetic sensation. Twombly's photographic pieces are documents of a fascinatingly enigmatic and personal poetry. His studios in Lexington and Gaeta, details of his own sculptures and collected sculptural items, landscape motifs, fruits and flowers appear in a mysteriously transformed manner on these delicate sheets. Printed in matte colors on matte paper using a dry-print process that imbues them with velvet and an almost grainy hue, the images are vaguely reminiscent of the pictorialist tradition in fin de siecle photography. In their minimalist way, however, generating aesthetic visions by the simplest of means, they are utterly contemporary. 'Photographs 1951-2007' presents Twombly's photographic works of over fifty years- full of surprises and breathtaking beauty. EUR 75.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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