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BORCHERT Till-Holger (editor). DE MENA, MURILLO, ZURBARÁN Masters of the Spanish Baroque Brugge, Wiele, 2019.. softcover PB, 280 x 240 mm, 96 pages, throughout colour illustrations, E/ F/ NL/ G/ SP edition. the Sint-Janshospitaal will form the decor for a selection of remarkable Spanish art from the 17th century. In the monumental hospital wards, some 20 works of religious sculpture and painting, full of Spanish passion, will be on display. It is a rare opportunity to become acquainted with some less well-known aspects of Spain's Golden Century. The highlight of the exhibition, in addition to paintings by famous Spanish masters like Murillo and Zurbaran, is a group of five hyper-realistic sculptures by the greatest sculptor of the Spanish Baroque, Pedro de Mena. This project is in collaboration with the Luxemburg Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art. EUR 19.95 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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