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Jacques Barsac CHARLOTTE PERRIAND An Architect in the Mountains Norma …ditions, 2023.. HB, 305 x 230 mm, 396 p, 600 illustrations, ENG edition. Embellished with a new introduction, Charlotte Perriand and the adventure of Les Arcs is a reworking of the parts devoted to the mountains and the Arcs of the complete work, volumes 3 and 4. From 1934, Charlotte Perriand led an architectural reflection on leisure for everyone, but it is with Les Arcs, her great work, that she completes her reflection on the art of living in the mountains. Alongside promoter Roger Godino, Charlotte Perriand deploys all the facets of her immense talent: design, urban planning, but also bioclimatic architecture, of which she is a pioneer in the field. She comes to terms with financial and time constraints to design Arc 1600 and 1800 in large part. Thanks to her perseverance and growing inventiveness, her integration of architecture into the sites, her innovative and human approach to traffic, the life it breathes, especially on the roofs, makes this resort a friendly place, in harmony with the environment. Charlotte Perriand thinks the exterior as well as the interior, down to the smallest detail. Modernity and Japanese influences are in order. Thus, it has designed the interior architecture of more than 4,500 housing units, 25,000 beds, for an annual flow of more than one million people. His desire to combine the art of living in the mountains and housing for as many people as possible has been largely realized. A posthumous consecration for the artist, Arcs 1600 and 1800 were labeled ?Architectural Heritage of the 20th Century? in 2003. EUR 49.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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