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Jonathan Meese Jonathan Meese: Kunst ist Chef. Tim Van Laere Books, 2017. 1.. hardcover, 54 pages, kleurenillustraties, 25,5 ◊ 21,5 cm, English. Fine! Jonathan Meese (į1970 Tokyo, lives and and works in Berlin and Hamburg) is renowned for his multi-faceted work, including wildly exuberant paintings, installations, ecstatic performances and a powerful body of sculptures in a variety of media. For this exhibition Jonathan Meese is presenting a new series of works focusing on science fiction. His works are starring Mr. Spock, ufologist Robert Dean, Darth Vader, Stanley Kubrick, UFO?s, John Boorman?s Zardoz, Edgar Wallace and extraterrestrial lifeforms. Science fiction has grown as a genre not only concerned with science, but by the 70?s also with consequences. It asked ?What if?? ?What if the world in which we live is not the reality?? ?What if there was an alternative universe with different laws and institutions As Rod Serling defines: fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science fiction is the improbable made possible.? This statement can also be made about Art. In contrary to culture, Art has no boundaries. ?E.T? VS. ?DR. IDEOLOGY?, Art vs. culture. As Jonathan Meese states in his manifest: ?In the exhibition ?E.T.? VS. ?DR. IDEOLOGY? (JOHNNY FUZZY M. SINCLAIR) there will be many paintings, a round table, sculptures, photos, manifests and maybe a video. All this material is FUTURE. All this material has no Ideology. All this material is LOVE. All this material is Dictatorship of Art. Johnny Meese builds a Space-Ship of Total Art. The Gallery-Space is the Commander?s Headquarters of Total Art. Art is Total Love. The ?Round Table? is the wheel of Total Animalism. Johnny M. is the 1. Soldier of Total Art.? EUR 34.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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