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Henk Visch, Tim Van Laere Henk Visch : There were no empty chairs Tim Van Laere Books, 2021, 2021. 1.. 132 pagina's, geÔllustreerd, 25,5 x 20,5 cm, hardcover, Nederlands/Engels/Frans. The work of Henk Visch (b. 1950 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands; lives and works in Eindhoven and Berlin) impresses, moves and evokes a series of memories and associations. The quiet, introverted force of his works makes us pause and transports us to a new dimension that feels both familiar and strange. Henk Visch observes, researches and archives, and this has led to a well-founded knowledge of the most diverse subjects, ranging from the traditions of sculpture, literature, myths and world history to psychologies and natural sciences. This knowledge is tangible in his works, but not immediately recognizable. Like a magician, Henk Visch throws us off the track and misleads us in a playful manner that can often lead to misunderstandings. According to Henk Visch, the misunderstanding falls within the logical apparatus, but does not quite fit in. And that is what makes Henk Visch interesting. With poetic finesse and an intuitive approach, he represents his own memories and associations in different forms and materials. These materials can vary from bronze, aluminium and rebar to fake fur, synthetic hair and polystyrene. EUR 34.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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