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BERNAL, Ignacio a.o.; THE ICONOGRAPHY OF MIDDLE AMERICAN SCULPTURE, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1973.. Illustrated softcover, 165 x 240mm., 167pp., profound b/w illustration. The Iconology of Olmec Art - Stone Reliefs in the Dainzu Area - Iconographic aspects of Architectural Profiles at Teotihuacan and in Mesoamerica - The Eastern Gulf Coast - Maya Rulers of the Classic Period and the Divine Right of Kings - The late Pre-Hispanic Central Mexican Iconographic System - West Mexican Art: Secular or Sacred? - Stone Sculpture from Southern Central America - Mesoamerican Art and Iconography and the Integrity of the Mesoamerican Ideological System - Science and Humanism among Americanists. Book is in good condition. EUR 40.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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