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Andy Lim ; Jonathan Meese ; Arne Rautenberg Arne Rautenberg : Vermeeren Darling Publications, 2007. 1.. Hardcover, 96 seiten, German, 220 x 135 x 18 mm, Neu, illustr. in farbe, . It's not every day that you hold such a beautiful and graphically appealing volume of poetry in your hands. See and read, that's what Arne Rautenberg says on almost 100 pages of collages and poems, with lyrical harlequinades and well thought-out pictorial poetry. The title says it all: Whoever hears it, hears the word "increase". Anyone who reads it reads a linguistically creative ?vermeeren?. Anyone who sees art as the focus thinks of Vermeer. EUR 35.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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