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Marc Dubois, Dirk Laureys, Pablo Lhoas , L.J. Baucher. Els Degryse, Xavier Dewulf, Anne Stynen, Luc Vincent, Sophie Wolski, Tania Wolski, ARCHITECT LÉON STYNEN ENG edition ( rode versie) Snoeck Publishers, 2022. 1.. Paperback, 224 pages, ENG, 270 x 210 mm, NEW , more than 200 illustrations in colour / b/w. Grafische vormgeving Jean-Michel Meyers. This publication, in collaboration with the estate of Léon Stynen and design giant Bulo, focuses on the long career of architect Léon Stynen, and more specifically on his designs. This lesser-known aspect of Stynen's practice deserves all the attention. Often groundbreaking, his designs set a trend that can still be felt today. This book aims to highlight Stynen's versatility. It is therefore also published in three languages ??and with two different covers! With a rich, say, architectural design and with essays by specialists that provide an insight into Stynen's practice and his importance, evolution and legacy as a designer. EUR 39.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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