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Emmanuelle Dirix THE LITTLE BOOK OF BALENCIAGA Welbeck, 2022. 1.. Hardcover, 160 pages, ENG, 185 x 130 mm, NEW, with photos/illustrations in colour / b/w. The godfather of conceptual design, a master of shape, a true fashion game changer - all are accolades bestowed upon one of the most interesting, venerated and iconic couturiers of the twentieth century: Cristóbal Balenciaga. His pureness of line, the comfort of his garments and innovative work with textiles, colour and volume made a huge impact on twentieth-century fashion, with creations such as the babydoll, balloon and sack dresses still influencing fashion today. Through stunning images and captivating text, Little Book of Balenciaga depicts the work and life of Balenciaga the couturier. Fashion historian Emmanuelle Dirix examines his legacy both through tracing the Maison's artistic direction after his death, and the generations of designers influenced by the master himself. EUR 18.50 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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