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Nicholas Fox Weber, Fabio De Chirico JOSEF ALBERS Spirituality and Rigor silvana, 2013.. HB, 280 x 240 mm, 288 pages,, 135 colour illustrations,ENG/ IT edition. Josef Albers (1888-1976) was one of the foremost geometric abstract artists of the twentieth century. He made his mark initially as an exceptionally graceful and competent figurative artist, always interested in economy of line and in precise articulation, determined to keep the personal out of his work while revealing the universal and timeless truths of earthly existence. While at the Bauhaus, where he was for longer than any other individual, Albers was elevated from the position of student to Master, and began to have a tremendous influence as an art teacher. That impact continued when, with his wife, the textile artist Anni Albers, he emigrated to the United States and began to teach at the experimental Black Mountain College. In 1970, Josef Albers was the first living American artist to have a solo retrospective exhibition at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the emphasis on his "Homages to the Square", a series of color paintings that he made until his death in 1976. Josef Albers: Spirituality and Rigor has been conceived by Nicholas Fox Weber, Executive Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, for the National Museum of Perugia to introduce a range of Josef's work that makes manifest his personal religiosity as well as his deep immersion in Catholicism. Weber knew Albers well, and has made a concerted effort with this exhibition to make manifest the spiritual aspect that underlies his art. EUR 34.99 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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