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Steven Rozenski, Joshua Byron Smith, Claire M. Waters (eds) Mystics, Goddesses, Lovers, and Teachers. Medieval Visions and their Legacies. Studies in Honour of Barbara Newman Brepols, 2023.. Hardback, 420 pages, Size:156 x 234 mm, Illustrations:1 b/w, 18 col., Language: English. Summary The conjunction of medieval religious studies and gender studies in the past several decades has produced not only nuanced attention to medieval mystics and religious thinkers, but a transformation in the study of medieval culture more broadly. This volume showcases new investigations of mysticism and religious writing in the Middle Ages and the early modern period. It also presents groundbreaking explorations of the feminized divine, from medieval to modern, and the many debts of medieval secular texts and cultures to the religious world that surrounded them. Medieval crossover also defines this volume: the contributors examine the crossovers between male and female, cloister and saeculum, divine and human, and vernacular and Latin that characterized so much of the complexity of medieval literary culture. These collected chapters examine mystics from Hildegard of Bingen and Juliana of Cornillon to Richard Rolle, Julian of Norwich, and Tomás de Jesús; the modern theologies of Philip K. Dick and Charles Williams; goddesses like Fame, Dame Courtesy, and Mother Church; and the role of religious belief in shaping conceptions of pacifism, obscenity, authorship, and bodily integrity. Together, they show the extraordinary impact of Barbara Newman's scholarship across a range of fields and some of the new areas of investigation opened by her work. Contributors: Jerome E. Singerman, Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Jesse Njus, Andrew Kraebel, Nicholas Watson, Laura Saetveit Miles, Bernard McGinn, Carla Arnell, Maeve Callan, Katharine Breen, Lora Walsh, Susan E. Phillips and Claire M. Waters, Carissa M. Harris, Stephanie Pentz, Craig A. Berry, Dyan Elliott. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introductions 1. Across the Margins: Gender, Religion, and the Remaking of Medieval Literary Studies Steven Rozenski, Claire M. Waters, and Joshua Byron Smith 2. On Publishing Barbara Newman Jerome E. Singerman II. Mystics and (Re)Visions 3. The Art of Light: Romanesque Enamels and the Illumination of Hildegard's Scivias Kathryn Kerby-Fulton 4. Juliana of Cornillon and the Flowering of Medieval Mimesis Jesse Njus 5. Richard Rolle's Love-Song to the Virgin ('Canticum Amoris'): Text and Translation Andrew Kraebel 6. 'Sixteen Shewinges': The Composition of Julian of Norwich's Revelation of Love Revisited Nicholas Watson 7. Redeeming Across Time: Philip K. Dick, Julian of Norwich, and the Art of Lifelong Revision Laura Saetveit Miles 8. Introducing a Neglected Mystic: Tomás de Jesús (1564-1627) Bernard McGinn 9. Existential Mathematics: Charles Williams's Arthuriad and the Geometry of Love Carla Arnell III. Goddesses and Their Legacies 10. 'The Mary of the Gael': The Blessed Virgin among Saints and Heretics in Medieval Ireland Maeve Callan 11. Building a Goddess: Personifications of Fame from Hesiod to Chaucer Katharine Breen 12. Mother Church as Christian Goddess in John Wyclif 's Tractatus de Ecclesia Lora Walsh 13. Classroom Crossovers; or, The Goddesses of Courtesy Susan E. Phillips and Claire M. Waters IV. Crossovers and Afterlives 14. Holy Ribaldry: Obscene Pedagogies in Middle English Religious Texts Carissa M. Harris 15. Pacifist Theology in the Alliterative Romance of Alexander and Dindimus Stephanie Pentz 16. Confessing Authority: Literary Immortality and Authorial Salvation in Chaucer's Retraction Craig A. Berry 17. My Body, Myself: The Afterlife of the Corpse and the Cult of Relics Dyan Elliott Index Tabula Gratulatoria EUR 85.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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