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Kati Heck Kati Heck. Kopf = Kopfnuss Cac, Malaga, 2014.. Softcover, 130 pages, 25x22cm, text in English/Espanol. In a broad sense, German-born artist Kati Heck?s body of work questions the art of painting. While referencing the history of the portrait, she simultaneously engages in breaking down bodily forms, often leaving unfinished aspects, which in turn offer fertile ground for imagination. This mixture of reality and the surreal takes shape in Heck?s nonsensical, absurdist and grotesque themes, and in the obscene or provocative gestures and poses found in her work. Published in conjunction with a solo exhibition at CAC Málaga, this catalogue includes numerous paintings, sculptures and installations, texts by Jan Hoet and Fernando Francés and a conversation between Heck and Luc Tuymans. EUR 80.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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