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Frank De Mulder FRANK DE MULDER Tribute. TeNeues, 2017.. Gebonden, Hardcover met stofomslag compleet.HB, 370 x 290 mm, 256 p, 60 colour illustrations, 65 b/w illustrations. E/ F/ NL/ G/ SP edition. Elegant and edgy, sophisticated and seductive, alluring and artistic, Belgian fine-art photographer Frank De Mulder s images are all of this and so much more. A revered contemporary master of erotic photography whose images have been published in Playboy, Maxim, GQ as well as in four previous books, De Mulder has cemented his status as a leader in the field with original images that are flawlessly executed with painterly clarity while being sensually compelling. This newest book apt- ly titled Tribute is a visual salute to his illustrious career. Presenting some of his most celebrated photographs as well as several never-before-published shots, it brims with an erotic, daring, and intimate spirit. Known for his gorgeous models, exotic locations, and intriguing narratives, De Mulders images have garnered countless fans from across the world. Spanning provocative scenes captured in mysterious hotel rooms to elegant shots in some of nature s most splendid landscapes, Tribute transports readers to a world of beguiling female beauty while always being respectful of the subjects. After flipping through the pages of this book, viewers will come away with a unique impression of all the complexities of female sensuality: fragile, emotional, flamboyant, erotic. Whether you re a longtime follower of De Mulder s work or a newcomer to the enthralling world of erotic photography, this seminal book is a must-have addition to any collection of photography volumes. EUR 79.00 Verder winkelen In winkelwagen

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